This Christmas was spent in Washington with the Sabin family! It was my first Christmas ever away from my family but it turned out being a great fun filled week!
Before Jeff and I left for Mattawa we got ourselves an early Christmas gift!
We decided that since we were a family now we wanted to get a camera that would last us for a long time. Really it’s cause I am obsessed with taking pictures and we wanted to upgrade! So we got the Nikon D3000! We are so happy with it and we got a great deal on it so that made it even more exciting!
My Birthday was on January 3rd but since I wasn’t going to be with the family they all got together and had a little birthday party for me! Complete with Vicki’s lemon cake and some wonderful gifts from all of my sister in laws! They are so great!
(I will explain more about the gifts on my birthday post)
This was also my first year without a hint of snow on Christmas! It was really weird but the kids and the boys loved it! They were outside all the time.
Jeff got to ride his dirt bike everyday that we were there!
We had so many wonderful meals made by Vicki! We always eat so good when we are at Boulder Resort! YUM!

I got Jeff all new riding gear complete with riding boats for Christmas!
He looks pretty dang good in the gid-up if you ask me!:)

Jeff and I put together a photo album for the parents of our wedding, so they wouldn’t have to pay for printing pictures themselves!
It was a big hit!

Jeff got me some great stuff for the kitchen! Including a bread maker and a new knife set!

Every year the little kids dress up and we narrate the Nativity Scene. It was adorable seeing all the kids in their costumes acting their part!

For Christmas eve it is a tradition in the Sabin home to open up a new game for the family! This year we got Super Mario Brothers for the Wii!
It was a blast! We all got together and had so many laughs and good times! It is a sweet game!

Vicki made stockings for all of her kids a long time ago but this year she made one for me that matched! It was so sweet and kind! It was like I had been in the family for years!
Thanks Vicki

All the girls hung around the table for the majority of the week! Making craft projects and playing games! We played this game called Trans America that I am obsessed with now! Heidi brought it and we played it at least 4 to 5 times a day!

It was a great Christmas! I didn’t feel like I was away from family this year because I was surrounded by family the whole time! I am so blessed to have great in-laws!

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