On January 3rd 1988 I was born!:) And on January 3rd 2010 I celebrated my 22nd birthday! I know to most of you being 22 is merely a glimpse into the true adult years that I will cherish in years to come…but for me I am not only one year older but I am also wiser too!
I think back on this past year and reminisce on experiences, trials and even blessings that I have received! Truly this past year has been one of the most (if not the most) growing years of my life!
With a degree in my hands, a career in my soul (that can be quite measured by the soles on my Nike work shoes) and a marriage in my heart, I can’t help but think that this was the best year of my whole life! (so far)
As I think about what I have learned the most this past year I watch the snow fall outside of my apartment and think to myself my life is much like the falling snow.
My positives and negatives come and go and my outlook on people, appearances and even how I look at myself changes from a light carefree sense to a thick heavy storm ready to take over my countenance.
Last year at this time I think I would have meassured my progress in life by how many pounds I had lost, how many phone calls from guys I had gotten or even how many times people said my name or thought about me.
But this year is different…instead of the slushy brown snow that consumed my well-being for so long, I have become more white and elegant as I ‘fall’ through lifes lessons.
I owe a lot of who I have become this past year to my wonderful, loving, selfless husband. He truly has taken a women who for so long couldn’t quite fit the pieces together and helped her finish her puzzle!
This year above everything else I recieved I am celebrating the person I have become.
Though high school feels almost like it was another life, I will never forgot the struggles and trials I went through.
I feel like my junior year in high school I started on this journey that took me somewhere I never thought I would be…and now I can happily say after all the growing and learning that my husband has helped me through I am done with that journey forever.
So after the presents are unwrapped and the candles are blown out I can take something away from this birthday that I have never taken before…
But before I tell you what that is I have to tell you how wonderful my birthday was!
My Husband truly does blow my away everyday I spend with him!
This year I woke up the day before me birthday with breakfast in bed and this little note on my food tray!
We stayed at Destinations Inn for our honeymoon and since our Anniversary was literally two weeks ago Jeff thought it would be a great place to go back to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary!

He also gave me a gift card to one of my favorite stores!…
once I got to our suite I had to take a picture! Jeff had gone there earlier and layed out rose pettles everywhere!

The next day we went over to my parents house to have a little get together! My parents gave my a Kitchen Aid that I am dying over!
I have already made rolls!

My mom also gave me an adorable purse that I died over! OK so it wasn’t for my birthday…it was a thank you for helping my sisters watch my other sisters kids while they were out of town. But I got to open it on my birthday so it felt like another present!
Thanks MOM!

Some yummy pineapple…

Some Liza…

Some Jessie…

Some Mommas…

Some wreslting…

Some Hazel…

An amazing new cook book from my sister in law Heidi
A 3 month subscirption to one of my favorite magazines from Marci
An adorable new outfit from Sara
Some SPECIAL new clothes from Vicki
Some I-tunes lovin’ from Jeni
AND…a yummy cake made especially for me from my husband!

Wait….I’m not done!

There is something else I got that far outweighs anything that I have just named…but you will have to wait till my next post to find out!!:)

Thank you everyone for the best year and birthday I have ever had!

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