To start the 2010 year off right I decided to get out my sewing machine I got for my birthday last year and start sewing!
I have been working on BURP CLOTHS~
I found some really fun material that was kinda -unisex-! I have to do that for now since we don’t know what were having yet!
If you look close enough you can see my stash of Salt Water Taffy’s under my work table! 🙂
I learned many things from Vicki when she helped me with my first burp cloths that I made for some of my sisters. But since I live in Rexburg I had to do these all by myself!
I added some really fun new details to these burp cloths like ruffles and two sided materials

I went a little over the top with this one…in fact I don’t even think I could use this as a burp cloth!
Maybe I should just frame it and hang it on my wall!:)

I’m not completely done…I have three more fabric pieces and 7 more burp clothes to decorate and sew.
But it’s a start for sure!

Jeff and I are working on another project as well!
Jeff’s parents have had this dresser since Jeff’s older sisters were little.
Craig added extra wood on top and Vicki would make a cushion cover and use the top for a changing table.
When Jeff was a baby Vicki used the dresser for him and his older sisters have used it for their children as well.
You can tell this dresser has so much history and character. We are so blessed and excited to use it for our little baby as well.
Jeff just finished sanding it a couple weeks ago and told me that he had to go through layers and layers of paint.
He said there was blue, purple, yellow, white and green!
It is so fun to take pictures of it and notice the yummy textures and history!
We are really excited to transform this dresser for our little baby.

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