Sweet and sour chicken and homemade fried rice!

I’m not sure there is anything better than homemade Fried Rice!
It is sooo easy and what is better then knowing what is actually in your fried rice?…

All it takes is some chopped up ham, scrambled eggs, green onions, soy sauce and sugar!

What else has been a huge hit in my kitchen?…

They aren’t complete without limes! You have to have limes and sauteed onions if you want to have great fajitas!

I realize it’s an everyday household activity to make a good homemade dinner but once in a while it’s really fun to make new things and surprise yourself at how good they turn out!
I am sure everyone knows by now I am not the best cook but as time goes on and my stomach gets stronger I have been cooking more and more often.
I am excited to post more of my yummy creations hopefully very soon!

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