Jeff got released yesterday. He was in the bishopric up in Rexburg in one of the singles wards on campus. It was a bittersweet day! I wasn’t able to join him on campus with Reagan so it will be nice to have him on Sundays but we have felt so many blessing from this calling and the sacrifices our family made for it. We made some greats friends and the people in that ward were so amazing!

I also feel so blessed that I have such a great husband that honors his priesthood the way he does! He teaches me things everyday! I am so grateful for the opportunity we have to be apart of callings that test us and make us more spiritually strong!
OH and I’m blessed to have this little Pea Pod

Jeff and I are looking forward to the future…with so many changes in our lives we are anxious to see what it will bring.

Thank you Brother Thompson, Brother Heuter and their families. Jeff and I will never forget those nine months.
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