what HE got me for Valentines Day!

A few weeks ago Jeff and I were hangin‘ out at home.
You know doin‘ the same ole thing.
Jeff was finishing up homework, Reagan was taking a nap and I was looking at blogs…
yeah our lives are really exciting…
…I know you’re jealous that you don’t get to sit inside all night long while it freezes outside in the Jefferson County tundra.
Oh but I digress…
with winter brings spring and I am more ready for that than I can even express!
Are you all so annoyed and over me talking about this winter?…
I will get over it soon I promise and this beautiful little gift, wrapped in a beautiful Robins egg blue, brought the feeling of spring just a little closer!
I was looking at the blog {little miss momma} you should check it out.
and while I was looking I noticed the beautiful Ashley wearing this fun heart ring.
I noticed it was a Tiffany & Co ring which we couldn’t afford at all so I did a little searching.
just for fun.
I told Jeff about it.
just for fun.
I thought it was cute.
And tonight I was making dinner and put Reagan down for a nap AND came back

this was sitting by the toaster
…although at first I was completely shocked…
then I came back to reality and knew it wasn’t real
but who cares yo?!?
I opened up the bag
then the box
then the velvet bag within the box
and there it was

a fun little {heart} ring
just for me
from him
for Valentines Day
just another little something to put on my finger that makes me want to smile

Thank you baby.
Want to know what else happened today!?!
I went to my first CROSS FIT class with my sister Emma!
If any of you know I am extremely obsessed with working out, running and sports so this gym is the perfect place for me to work out!
I am still in need of loosing like ummm 20 pounds since I had the precious pea-pod sooo this is just the ticket!
Stay tuned for some blogging about the ultimate work-out experience.
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