Anthropologie inspired knotted bedding also inspired by kojodesigns!

{photo courtesy of Kojodesigns}
It is finally done!
I have been telling you all about this amazing quilt/comforter/bedspread that I have been working on and it is finally complete.
Let’s just say it took me WAY longer than I thought it would.
It was ALL worth it though.
I have been searching and searching for a new comforter and a new look for our master bedroom and nothing jumped out to me…
I came across this amazing blog and found this tutorial!
Kirstin and Jordan are 2 of the most talented ladies I have ever seen!
There amazing blog is full of fabulous tutorial and positive posts.
{Kojodesigns} is {simply} amazing. You all must check it out.
I followed this {TUTORIAL} to make my dream bedding!

Please note:
The blog {Kojodesigns} is the brilliant mind behind this tutorial!
This was not my idea even though I wish I was this creative!
If you follow her tutorial {FOUND HERE} you will find the play by play instructions of how to make this bedding.

I am adding the little things I did different that worked best for me!
I made a queen sized bedspread instead of a king so I only bought the ‘queen’ size jersey sheet set.
That was a BAD idea. I totally ran out of fabric!
I had to buy another pack so I would just stick with the ‘king’ sized sheet set.

{Kojodesigns} explains that you will need to cut out 18″x18″ squares of jersey.
For a queen I cut out 49 squares.
* I actually cut out an 18″x18″ piece of cardboard which was extremely helpful.
I set it on top of the fabric and used my fabric roller cutter thingy…to cut the fabric.

After I had 49 pieces I started on the knots.

Kojodesign uses a fabric pen.
I didn’t have a fabric pen…

So I drew a circle with my bowl with a highlighter.

Those 2 pictures are out of order…sorry for the ghettoness…yeah that’s a word.
you can see from the picture that the highlighter shows through the fabric perfectly.
Kojodesign also uses embroidery thread which I highly recommend.
I didn’t have any of that either so I just used normal sewing thread.
All I have to say is I hope it holds up!!

To learn how to make the knots go to the Kojodesign {TUTORIAL}!
She explains is perfect.

I think I may have done my knots a little different but as long as you sew it enough that it is secure and it has the look you want then it works.
I kinda just did what worked for me.

After you have hand-sewed 49 knots then your ready to piece and pleat together.
Don’t get discouraged while your doing this.
This takes the most time.
I just did a few every night or every chance I could.

You want to piece together length before width. That way it will line up better.
Kojodesign has a great tip for this part!
She does 5 pleats per square.
Pinning 7 squares together.
This will make it so everything lines up perfectly as well.

I pleated each square individually then pinned it together.
It took a lot more time but I like the way it looked better than putting the squares together and pleating them at the same time.

Then when you piece the long strips together you have to pleat each square 5 times as well.

After I was done I needed to find an affordable yet comfortable down comforter.
I looked at TJ Maxx and Ross and found the perfect one at Ross for only $40.
I placed the quilt face down on the comforter and pleated and pinned it around the edges. Then sewed until there was one square left. Pull the comforter through so the squares are right-side out and sew the outside.
Go to the tutorial at {KOJODESIGNS} to have it explained better.
One more step!! You’re almost there…
The gals at Kojodesign did ‘sewing in the ditch’ to finish it off but my down comforter was too big and my sewing machine was too small so I hand sewed each corner of the squares to my down comforter.
It was really easy for me to do because the comforter I got had squares sewn into the comforter.
Guess how many squares…7 down and 7 across!
It was meant to be.

Stencil tutorial coming soon.

Try not to look to much at my room…it isn’t completely done yet.
I am completely remodeling it.
Notice the yummy feather wreath and the fun candle holders.
Pictures and tutorials about those coming soon.

This bedding simply speaks to my soul.
Can you say {Shabby chic}?
Can you say {timeless}?
Can you say {perfection}?

Pillow cases and sheets from TJ MAXX.
Turquoise body pillow from Target.
Bed skirt from Walmart.
I am planning on making some really fun pillows for the bed as well.
Look forward to seeing those soon!
I know your excited!

One more shout out to {Kojodesign}!
Thank you girls for being so creative and thank you for letting me copy your brilliance!
Sadie Jane

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