I finally finished them!
After making OVER 100 fabric rosettes my bedside lamp shades are finally complete.
I am that much closer to the completion of my room remodel!
Once I get my throw pillows done I’m going to dedicate a week on my blog to spotlight for you all every little thing in this room…paint color and all…you excited?
I sure am!

I just LOVE how the light shines through.


*2 lamp shades {size and shape doesn’t matter} I got my lamp shades at Walmart 2 years ago when Jeff and I first got married. I am pretty sure they still have them. They are perfect for this project. A simple yet classy base and they are very cheap.
*Hot glue gun
*Package of glue sticks
* scissors
*2 kinds of simple cotton fabric, each 1/2 yard in size {remember you don’t have to use cotton fabric and you don’t have to do 2 different colors} This look would look great with any kind of fabric or color…however this cotton fabric was the cheapest. If silk fabric wasn’t so expensive I would have done them with that!

{the lamp shade before}

This first part of the tutorial is optional.

I didn’t want any of the cream color showing through my rosettes since my headboard molding and quilt is white.
So I wrapped fabric around the base of the lamp shade,
cut out a 2 1/2 inch width piece

…and glued it around the base…

Then I glued around the inside…
to be honest with you I wished I hadn’t even done this step…you will see later that if you put your rosettes close enough you can only see a tiny bit of the lamp…
If you are going to cover the base MAKE SURE it is a light color fabric so you can still see the light shinning through.
Also I found that in the end I didn’t have enough of the light grey fabric because I used it for this…

I only did the bottom because once I started I didn’t like it…good tutorial huh!?:)
OK onto the rosette tutorial.
disclaimer: there are a lot of different ways to make fabric rosettes but this is the way I do it…feel free to make your rosettes the way that works best for you!
Fold out your fabric and cut 1 inch slits along the edge of your fabric.

For the big rosettes on the lamp shade you will need a 3 foot long strip of fabric.
Once you have measured your fabric and cut the excess off you are ready to RIP your strips.
I don’t cut my fabric because I like the frayed edge look.
You will have a lot of little fabric strings that come off when you rip it.
I usually just pull the ones off that are bunched and hanging but I keep some of them on the fabric while making the rosette because it gives it a shabby look.

All your strips once your done ripping.

Tie a knot in the middle of your strip of fabric.

Put one of the sides of fabric under your hand…you will use that later…but you will only wrap one side at a time.
Place a thin line of hot glue on the side of the knot.

Then start twisting the fabric and press it against the hot glue.

It doesn’t look like much at the beginning but if you continue around the edge of the knot it will slowly turn into a rosette. Once one side of the fabric is completely wrapped grab the other strip that is now hanging down below your rosette and wrap that one around the knot just like the first strip.

Tip: Make sure you place your hot glue more towards the back of the rosette and when you start wrapping place the fabric OVER the glue…that way you won’t see any of the glue.
Once your done turn it over and place glue on the back.

Immediately place it on your lamp shade.

So I completed a whole row of turquoise rosettes, placed it by my bed to see how it looks and realized I HATED it!
The spray painted side tables added enough color that all that turquoise was a little overwhelming.
So…I used all my muscles {and my husbands} and ripped off ALL my hard work.
Dried hot glue doesn’t come off easy…
I didn’t really know what I wanted my design to look like so I just kinda came up with it as I went…which I don’t recommend.
I made dark grey ones the same size as the turquoise.

Then I used a light grey fabric and made my smaller rosettes.
These rosettes were only 1 1/2 foot long.
This time I tied the knot at the END of the strip inside of the middle.

Using the same wrapping method as before. make your smaller rosettes.

Depending on the size of your lamp make tons and tons and tons of rosettes!

I don’t think I want to make another one of these again!
Yet again I decided to do a craft project that took WAY to much time.
It’s worth it though. Trust me.

When you start placing the smaller rosettes make sure you window them so they aren’t directly in the same place as the others.
This is the fun part…gluing and gluing and gluing!

Once the top was done I didn’t feel like it was complete.
It was starting to look wonderful but the bottom looked funny without anything.
I began to make more light grey rosettes and realized all my fabric was GONE!
I didn’t have enough patience to wait for morning to buy more fabric.
I decided to use some of the dark grey fabric and make MORE smaller rosettes.

Then I placed them in between the light grey ones.
There you have it!
I love the way it turned out but the bottom is still bugging me!
I was going for a scalloped edge look.
I’m thinking about switching out the light grey rosettes on the bottom with all dark grey.
What do you think?

Overall I think it is a great addition to my master bedroom.

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If any of you have questions feel free to email me.

Check out the linky party list on one of my pages.
I will be linking up this creation to them during the week.

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of the day.
I am excited to announce that my very first giveaway is coming soon!
Stay tuned!

Sadie Jane
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