Is it really 4:30 already?…

Holy mother!
{don’t judge me for using that phrase…it started about 8 months ago and I haven’t been able to shake it yet}
I realize it’s pretty annoying but that’s what I say when I am surprised, excited, amazed…or any other term of over the top expression.
*just a little side note: While I was delivering Reagan…YEP I’m gonna go there!…I said ‘HOLY MOTHER’ a few times…don’t ask me why…just did.
Wanna know what the doctor asked…
“Are you Catholic!?!”
Uhhh what? I just laughed…then I wanted to slap him across the face because all that should be coming out of his mouth while sitting between my legs is NOTHING!
Just do your job FOR THE LOVE.
But really I love the guy and I know him pretty well…I mean besides the obvious we work together so maybe he was just trying to lighten the mood…
OK moving on!
Where has the day gone?

Notice the MOUNTAIN of laundry on my bed!
Hey…at least my beds made yo.
If you look closely at the laundry…
OK not that close!
You will see a flowered top {it’s in the very left side of the pile}
That top is courtesy of Madison Memorial Hospital.
I got the overwhelming pleasure of wearing that awesome tent-like top through out most of my shift the other day.
If your not picking up what I’m putting down…I had to change.
NOTE to ALL the women out there:
PLEASE come to the Labor Unit with enough time to get you into bed or maybe into a room…
that is ALL I’m going to say.
Use your imaginations people.
It wasn’t pretty!
All is grand is baby making land…
the scrubs are washed and the Crocs are Cloroxed…
NEXT subject:
Did you notice I added some new items to my ALMOST done bedroom!
Only a few more projects until it is complete.

My little BEBE’s is still sleeping as I write this…
it has been 2 hours and 19 minutes since I put her down…
I expect to hear her babbling any second now.
Can you all see the mohawk hair my little girl is working lately!
I’m not sure why but she seems to only be growing hair on the TOP of her head…
I have no idea what to do with it…

A few things I have learned today…
*I really need to paint my toes
*I took my ‘before’ pictures and couldn’t even look at them…my body WILL reappear you just wait and see.
*I don’t like blueberries with my Special K
*Baby food grosses me out
*I really don’t like Jack Johnson…crazy?…I know!
*Living in the tundra I like to call Idaho is really bad for my fashion skills.
*When you do over 50 burpees the day before today…your not gonna be able to move
{don’t know what burpees are?…GOOD you don’t want to know}
*I just glanced at the clock again at it’s almost 5 which means I need to get ready to go to CrossFit again…FOR THE LOVE!
*I still do not understand why I had to eat at Taco Bell so many times while I was pregnant!
*Just because you only have 3 family members doesn’t mean your not gonna have mountains of laundry every week.
*PEE before you start your CrossFit workout {I actually learned that Monday when I tried to do my last set of double-unders and almost peed my pants! After the workout my trainer was talking about it and I spoke up in front of the entire class and said…”dude, you try doing double-unders after having a baby…you can’t hold it!” I was just being honest. Nothing like being open and candid in front of 4 men…awesome Sadie! Oh well, at least I did the work out!!}
Ok it’s 5:04 Reagan is spitting in her crib…yeah I can hear that from the couch! VIDEO coming soon.
Hope your day was wonderful.
Oh just a side note I am getting a blog makeover in a few weeks!!
Sadie Jane
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