Alligator tears and…

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Reagan has been one little diva lately…
yeah she won’t let me put her down
or leave the room
or vacuum…
I always told myself I wouldn’t have a high maintenance child…
  I’m blaming it on the facts that family was here last week and she was never put down…
and she is getting 4 top teeth!
OK I guess I will take some of the blame too…
I probably hold her too much and give her too many kisses.
Don’t judge yo…
you would too if she was ALL yours!
I wanted to attempt to take a snapshot of her little tears while I was holding her…
BUT then this happened…
Can you say HOT MESS?
OK I know this is gross but FOR REALS…
who captures a moment like this?!?
on a more POSITIVE note
Me and the hotness are going on a date tonight
Hope your day is wonderful and bright!


  1. Oh how cute! she is just too presh!

  2. LOL! How darling!

    I’m following.

  3. How adorable is she?! And you have a beautiful blog too:) I’m a new follower from Bloggy Moms.

  4. she is too cute. Have you tried wearing her? It helps, trust me. I said I would never be that parent, you never know what you will do until you become a mother.

  5. She is too cute. Have a great date night! – Giveaway today :)

  6. so cute! ha ha about the projectile. You are so lucky she wants to cuddle you! My nephew could care less about being held. He’s not a huge cuddler and especially if he is ready for bed… I guess I’m just an aunt and can hand him off when I want.

  7. Aw! She is just the most adorable little thing ever!

  8. OH. M. G.


    That reminds me of the 6mon old I watch. She is CONSTANTLY barfing all over my carpet. Like seriously- stop it. Grrrrroooosss.

    I wish we were going on a date night tomorrow night, but it happens that Friday is our night to watch kids in our babysitting swap group! Sooo lets hope no kids show up. HAHA!!!

  9. Your blog is so cute… I love it! And that baby girl is stunning! I too have a little girl who NEVER wants to be down. Always wants to be held! That picture is classic.. I have a few similar to that! Cute family!

  10. Haha. Mine does that to me too!
    Following from Bloggy Moms.

  11. She was so upset she could just spit. Oops!!

    Love you Sadie Jane.



  12. You got skills to be papping such moments!!!! Hahahaha!

    Sadie x

  13. What a cutie! Hey even cute in the spit up pic! =) Thanks for stopping by Remember Ember! Lovin your blog!


  14. Too cute even with a puke, hehe! Cool, no one beats that photo! Love your blog. Simple but fab!!! Way to go Mommy!

  15. I am your newest follower, looks like a lot of great information here, I look forward to checking out your posts, have an awesome weekend.
    Aprils Lifestyle Show
    So cute baby!!!!

  16. Adorable!

  17. She is so adorable no matter what!! And I actually have taken a few gross throw up photos of my son. My hubby thought I was crazy. I guess us mom’s do crazy things sometimes.

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