DAY 3: Re-purposing, re-using, re-vamping Furniture!!

When remodeling a room remember that your biggest expense is going to be NEW furniture so…
why buy new furniture when you can make very subtle changes to your old furniture.
Dresser: Target {almost 3 years ago!} 
Still available $169.99
I actually wouldn’t recommend it though…it’s pretty cheaply put together and the drawers always fall apart…
You can’t expect much from something like this but it works and it looks sophisticated enough.
Someday I will enjoy a beautifully made piece from The Bramble Co. or Pottery Barn 

I considered changing it up with new dresser handles but my budget was already gone so instead I dressed it up on top.
Fleur de lis: Real Deals {gifted}
White decor next to it…ha…I have no idea what it’s called BUT I LOVE IT: {gifted}
Turquoise bird: $5 {clearance} Hobby Lobby
One of these days Jeff is going to make some really awesome bedside tables but until then we will continue to use these ghetto tables that could brake if Reagan sat on them…for reals yo…they are GHEE ET ET TTOOO!!

Why not make them JUST a little more ghetto and spray paint them!
Oh spray paint is the best invention since the bra…seriously
Table: Target {FOREVER AGO} not available anymore but I’m sure you could find something like it at IKEA!
Wicker Basket: Set of 5 {Bed, Bath and Beyond} $25

Talk about re-vamping!
This lamp needed a MAJOR face lift!
What better way then dressing it up with some fabric rosette goodness!

To view the tutorial go {HERE}

Letting through just enough light so I can read and Jeff can still sleep…bless his heart.

Get ready to revisit the
…as if you even seen and heard enough about ti already!
I’m proud of it OK!!
Get over it.
Oh and I think I’m gonna post this picture a few times because it’s just that awesome!!

Oh and because I am obsessed with my child I wanted to share a picture with you!
2 days CANNOT go by without me posting about her.
She is showing off one of my new items in my {ETSY SHOP!}

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