You have to see this movie!
It’s brilliant!
I was driving home last night and thinking about my life…
it’s been almost 6 months since I stopped working as a Labor and Delivery nurse and it’s been an adventure I never thought I would have.
I was nervous and scared.
And to be completely frank…I didn’t feel like motherhood was as important as being a nurse!
I couldn’t have been more wrong!
 And yes…I totally got emotional thinking about how much I love being a mother!
I didn’t realize it but I have been preparing to be a mother…WE all are…throughout are whole lives!
The love and friendships we share with sisters, mothers, family and friends {in my opinion} ‘trains’ us to interact, love, teach and nurture our children.
When I was growing up I never really ‘liked’ kids…
I mean being one of the younger children in a big family…you would think that I would LOVE kids…and I do…but growing up I didn’t have a lot of patience and it was hard for me to feel a connection with them.
Those feelings made me nervous and scared to be a mother…and even when I was a mother…I was nervous to become a full-time mother.
I was able to use that time away at work to hide those feelings away and have some ‘me’ time.
 It’s only NOW that I realize how much I was wrong for feeling that way.
I still have moments {we ALL do} that I want to be alone…but being a mother DEFINES me.
It is who I am!
I am so extremely blessed to be a mother.

I am so glad that I have stains on my shirts from Reagan’s sticky fingers.
I am so glad I have bags under my eyes from going to bed late and waking up early.
I am so glad my house isn’t always placed perfectly.
I am so glad my hair is pulled back.
I am so glad I get to say prayers with her in my arms.
I am so glad I get to sneak into her room and steal kisses from her at night.
I am so glad I am a mother!
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