Uhhh…is there such thing as a healthy corn dog?…
NOPE…don’t think so!
BUT what IF you could make a corn dog for your children that was HEALTHIER than the frozen corn dogs you normally buy?…WELL I’m going to show you how!
12 hot dogs
Oil {canola or the healthiest option}
A few bowls
A pan
Paper towels and cookie sheet
{shout out to my mother-in-law Vicki!…I got this recipe from her}
1 c. flour
3/4 c. corn meal
1 1/2 t. baking powder 
1/8 c. sugar
dash salt
1 egg
1 c. milk
One thing that makes these corn dogs a little bit healthier are the KIND OF hot dogs I used!!

HEBREW NATIONAL hot dogs are the BEST hot dogs ever!…however they are a bit more expensive…often healthier food is…

Using ‘premium cuts of 100% kosher beef’ makes me feel a little bit better about biting into it!
Before starting these corn dogs make sure you have all the ingredients that are the HEALTHIEST option! 
Like…instead of using normal corn meal you can buy BOB’S RED MILL corn meal that is 100% whole  grain and stone ground!
Also you might consider using almond flour or whole wheat flour!

{I didn’t have any other flour so I just used regular flour}

 Put ALL the ingredients together and stir well!
 Rinse the hot dogs in warm water and DRY OFF COMPLETELY! 
 If you don’t dry them off good enough the batter won’t stick as well…
 Put the stick through the whole hot dog before you batter it!
If you can find shorter sticks those will work probably better and may seem a bit more authentic…
 While dipping hot dog in batter make sure you slowly twist the hot dog…
while you lift the hot dog out of the batter continue to do a slow twisting motion.
 Make sure your oil is very hot before putting any corn dog in it!
If you put it in too early the batter has a tendency to slip away from the hot dog.
They only take a few seconds to fry so watch them carefully!
REMEMBER: To to fry with the healthiest oil out there…although I don’t think any of the option are very good…try to find the BEST!! 
I did some research and found out the Canola Oil has the LEAST saturated fat.
BUT then I did some more reader and found this comment under google search 
“Deep frying is never healthy, but for frying, lard is actually the healthiest. Animal lard, which is solid at room temperature, has a much higher heat thresh hold. When it is heated to a high temperature, it immediately creates a crust or a barrier between the food and the heated oil. When foods are fried in liquid vegetable oils, they absorb much more fat because you can’t heat them to the same temperature as lard without burning them. The only exception to the vegetable oil rule is coconut oil/butter, which is also solid at room temperature, and because it is a tropical oil, has a very high thresh hold for heat. Also, canola oil should never be heated. It changes the molecular structure of that oil and makes it very, very unhealthy.”
sourced from Google search {healthylazy.tribe.net}
I used Vegetable Oil which is probably the worst option ever…
After frying lay on a cookie sheet with paper towels to soak up the excess oil!
 Pick the one that looks the least disturbing and ENJOY!!
SO easy and a HEALTHIER…yet still not healthy alternative to a very unhealthy food!
ONE of my many motto’s in life goes like this!…
LIVE your life healthy, 
treat it well…
and once in a while enjoy something fried or covered in frosting!!
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