Morning runs and workouts!

I love morning time…
for the most part!
I mean granted I would love it WAY more if I could go back to college and have those days of sleeping in and waking up just to do whatever my little heart desires!
Now-a-days I am waking up to little Reagan’s jabber and screams…then it’s diaper changing, breakfast making and day starting all over again!
It has been a hard adjustment for me…but OF COURSE one I wouldn’t change for the world!
Since I have lately gone back to a ‘normal’ schedule! {not night shift}
I have been trying to be more ‘positive’ about mornings! 
I’m the kind of person that believes that ONLY YOU can be in charge of your attitude! 
So I decided that instead of having a negative one…I would switch it to positive!
BY simply ACTING!
And by acting I mean…DOING SOMETHING!!
So Reagan and I have started to take adventures in the AM to brighten up our day!
There is nothing better then running on an empty road.
Having nothing in your view but the pavement in front of you!
Reagan is literally obsessed with the running stroller so all she does is sit, watch and listen.
It is such a great way to start our morning…the crisp fall air is so clean and fresh…it’s the time in the day when I feel like nothing can stop me!
If I’m not running…I’m driving to Crossfit at 5:30 AM
It sounds crazy but for realz…you should try it!
Wake up…take a deep breath…jump out of bed and JUST GO!
Don’t let yourself think about it…because if you do…you won’t go.
I promise you…you’ll feel so accomplished and ready to continue your day with energy!
AND…throw your hair in a sweet messy-side-fish-tail braid and you’ll be ready to go!
THEN you’ll really be ready to kick start your day the healthy way with a touch of style! 
Remember don’t think about it…
{yes…NIKE…I would LOVE to be a spokesperson for you…oh…
…you want to pay me in workout clothes and shoes! 
You’re too kind!!}
Never hurts to dream!


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