VAN 1!

 It’s a MUST to decorate your van for the race!
My brother-in-laws dad is a physical therapist so our name was IT’S THERAPY!

 Helping out my sister along the way!

 One of the hills I ran up!

(notice all the dust we were eating from all the vans)
 Last pass-off! 
Don’t mind the ghetto-booty…
 ugh…I could never slap that stupid bracelet on right!
 Got it!
 Notice all the dust…
 My eyelash extensions were DONE FOR!
 I swear to you the feeling of finishing that race was like delivery my baby!
Felt AMAZING to be done!
My total miles: 17 (I think…it may have been 18…I’ve forgotten now!)
Last time I did this race I trained for 6 weeks and Reagan was 3 months old…I thought that was hard…
now that I have ran a Ragnar pregnant I know what hard is!!
Between the heat and shortness of breathe and cramping it wasn’t necessarily the BEST time of my life.
BUT the people made up for it!
I tagged along with my sister’s husbands family!
We all became great friends along the way.
Although it was really tough I would do it again in a heartbeat!
We finished 188 miles in 29 hours…50 minutes and 01 seconds.
We ranked team 114 out of 475!
Finishing in the top 20%
To watch a play by play video of the race and our team...CLICK HERE!
Love you all!!
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