My dirty mouth!

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Growing up I never heard my parents swear!
AND they always taught us NOT to swear…even the words SHUT UP weren’t allowed in our house!
If it’s not nice…don’t say it…
…and although I STRIVE to keep my mouth free of swear words…
I’m not always guilt free (just being honest!)
BUT through my struggle to release my tension through the words I say…
I have learned a few sayings that seem to suffice…
and they keep me out of trouble!
…MOST of the time!
Others that are in my daily vocabulary include…
Some might think it’s just like swearing…
but at least it makes me not feel as guilty!


  1. That is me completely. My mom wont even say fart because it is to crude. thanks for sharing

  2. This was too funny.

  3. hahah i liked the 1j license plate!

  4. Love it! Especially the “holy hannah montana”

  5. I’m TRYING not to swear so much (but man, it’s so much fun), so these are great! I’ve used a lot of them myself. :) I love Holy Hannah Montana. :D

    Others I’ve used:

    Holy hot dog.
    What the hot banana?


  6. I saw that Saturday night and was laughing so hard! I think I have said almost everything that he said on there. So true, so funny! (And, just to add to the humor, the word verification for my comment is shtses. Nice, huh?) :)

  7. oh my fetchin’ crap this was funny! i was at a friends’ house last night and said holy fudge. boy did the room get awkwardly quiet. my bad. my son and his teenage friends loved this video.

  8. We have this problem in our house hold. Looking forward to replacing some words from my vocabulary now that we have a baby in the house. Would hate for her to cuss as one of her first words…that would be embarassing!!

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