My pregnancy eating habits and tips!

When I was pregnant with Reagan I was a little bit more than extreme with my change in diet.
(Besides the random vacations)…I have always tried to have healthy eating habits…well
NOT when I was pregnant! 
As many of you know I worked full-time nights during my pregnancy…which probably shouldn’t have resulted in bad eating choices…but I chose to make it that way!
With the grill at my fingertips I definitely took advantage of the situation!
If I wasn’t eating a cheeseburger…it was a tuna melt or corn dog…ALWAYS complete with cheesy tots!
YEP…I indulged in that goodness 3 TIMES A WEEK!
And if I wasn’t working…I kept Taco Ball and Little Caesars in business! 
It’s embarrassing and sad to me that I completely let myself go.
In fact I was almost 200 pounds at the end.
Of course while eating horribly I always justified it by working out here or running around at work there…
but it wasn’t enough to keep up with my ridiculous eating!
It took me almost 9 months to get back to my pre-baby weight and it was anything but easy.
Walking into the crossfit gym for the first time being 35 pounds heavier than I normally was…was not easy.
I NEVER want to experience that again!
So when I found out I was pregnant with my 2nd I made some SERIOUS changes! 
Besides continuing my crossfit workouts (blog about that coming soon)…
I have continued to eat my well-balanced healthy diet!
Now that I’m almost 20 weeks and the nausea is over I can eat more of a complete diet as well!
Let me give an insight of a normal day of eating for me…
Instead of CHANGING my habits I just ADJUST them a little bit to increase the calorie intake.
For breakfast
I literally force myself to eat eggs!
I have never been a big breakfast person but
I desperately need the protein so…
while I make eggs for Jeff and Reagan I throw some on for me as well.
Instead of increasing my portion size…I increase the calories a bit by adding about 2/3 cup of cheese on top and adding a piece of toast on the bottom!
Complete with calcium enriched orange juice.
If I weren’t pregnant I would keep the cheese and toast off…
For lunch
Turkey sandwich complete with avocado, lettuce, cheese, whole wheat bread, mayo and mustard.
If I was dieting I would have kept some of the cheese off and do without the mayo…and maybe take the top piece of bread off.
I also treated myself with a little ranch dressing with my carrots. 
 For a POST WORKOUT snack…I choose banana with peanut butter with a glass of chocolate milk.
Perfect for recovery…the protein filled snack!
 For dinner
Grilled chicken with wild rice and edamame.
Instead of wasting calories on glasses of milk…I choose to drink over 6 glasses of water a day!
I get my calcium from all the cheese I eat and from my vitamins!
 As for my late night snack…
cottage cheese and avocado! 
On top of eating healthy I take many vitamins a day!
Complete with fish oil, prenatal and calcium supplements!
Striving to eat healthy has really helped me stay fit and only gain the necessary weight throughout this pregnancy!
Instead of thinking…”Oh I know I’m gonna get fat…might as well eat what I want…”
I think…”I’m pregnant and need to stay healthy so its easier to bounce back from it!”
With cravings on board I am definitely NOT PERFECT!
I will usually throw a piece of candy, a cookie or a few bites of something sweet in the mix during the day…and if I’m craving some fast food goodness…I get a small portion of it and limit myself to one greasy thing a week.
I NEVER get full off of fast food or sweets…
Even during pregnancy it’s all about MODERATION!!
If I want to indulge I choose to indulge in something healthy…like nuts or grapes!
Something that I can munch on like I would if it was a treat!
I am so glad I made a decision at the beginning and dedicated myself to change my pregnancy habits for the better!
With the weight gaining part of my pregnancy coming up it is vital that I keep up my healthy habits!
I’ll continue to add some healthy recipes on the blog throughout this pregnancy so I can continue to strive for a healthy lifestyle!
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