Sunday outfits and love notes!!

This weekend was seriously the best…
complete with a great dinner with friends that started out by me BACKING Jeff’s work pick-up into the babysitters car! 
Which was quickly followed by a complete breakdown on my part!
Good thing Jeff was a phone call away and he’s the complete sane one in this marriage!
SO of course he told me it was OK and that cars can be fixed with a BUNCH of money that was suppose to be put towards our new bun in the oven…BUT crap happens right!?!
Cars will be fixed…money can be re-saved…and life will go on!
Really…I am glad nothing happened that was major
After like 30 minutes I was fine and had a great night!
 mine: dress: DownEast, undershirt: DownEast, tights: Target, shoes: Thrifted
hers: dress: Old Navy, tights: Target, shoes: Vintage 
I was a little worried about how my luck was panning out for the week coming up! 
and then I opened the cupboard and found this pretty note this morning…
…and I thought…it’s going to be a great week!
Here’s to a great week for all of us!
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