Happy Valentines Day!

We celebrated V-day early this year!
What better way to celebrate than spoiling my husband…who am I kidding?…and ME…with an amazing dinner!
 roast, red potatoes, broccoli, rolls, spinach salad!

 I got Jeff some cologne to make him even more delicious…and he got me a sweet I PHONE…case!
The phone will come in a couple months!
Marbled Chocolate Cheesecake…dyed pink especially for the occasion!

 AND just in case we didn’t already go into a sugar coma…I wanted to top off the night with some strawberries!
 We put Reagan down early
then we laughed, talked and enjoyed the night with just the 2 of us…and maybe a movie!
Like I said in the last post I am going back to work!! 
BUT never fear…I’m not doing anything too drastic!
I am SO WONDERFULLY grateful to have the degree I do…since I’m an RN I have the freedom to work whenever I want…nights even!
When Jeff and I first got married I worked full-time nights for about 2 and 1/2 years…then when Reagan was about 7 months old I wanted to decrease my hours because if we crunched the numbers we thought we could make due…well long story short there wasn’t anything available at the hospital…so I decided to quit. 
It was easily one of the hardest decisions I have ever made! 
But one of the best…it has been such a tremendous blessing to be home with Reagan…
BUT Jeff just graduated and we’re young and we have another baby on board and we have private insurance that totally and completely sucks and blah blah blah…
so I decided that it was time that I needed to start pitching in BUT I had my demands!
Frankly…I’m surprised anyone hired me at all…
I applied to places that didn’t even have openings…
AND all I want to work is ONE night a week…
yeah…I’m high maintenance! 
OH and did I mention…I’m pregnant and I will need at least 8 weeks off for maternity leave.
HA…I almost didn’t apply because I knew all my demands were intense!
BUT…somehow I got a job…ONE night a week…
just enough that Reagan won’t even notice I’m gone.
7pm to 7am! 
The only bad part about it…is orientation…
I have to work full-time for 4 weeks (2 weeks on day shift and 2 on nights)
Thank goodness for amazing friends that offer to watch my little girl during the day!
Reagan will have a BLAST with her little friends…playing all day.
Way better than sitting at home with mom playing with the same old toys.
I am so blessed to continue to not have to use day care…I know that some people don’t have a choice and I am so blessed that I do.
I start tomorrow…and work till Thursday! 
I will stop by and drop a line saying hello…hope your Valentines Day is full of chocolate, flowers and kisses…lots and lots of kisses!
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