27 weeks!

I’m working my last 2 orientation shifts this week so my post will be short and sweet…but since I haven’t done a bump update lately I thought I’d update you all about what’s really been going on with my growing body.
Excuse the homliness of this photo…I had just gotten back from Crossfit.
 This pregnancy has been so different than my first! Thankfully! 
Since I am still doing Crossfit regularly I have pretty intense ligament pain when I try to move around when I sleep…and I already have sciatic nerve pain…especially at work or after I workout BUT I will take that over being completely nauseated all the time like I was with Reagan!
Oh and shout out to Crossfit…it has really helped me maintain a healthy weight with this pregnancy.
I am getting to the part of my pregnancy where it really is inevitable that I gain weight so I am glad I have been dedicated to something that will help me bounce back quickly from this pregnancy.
 OK one more thing I HAVE to add…
the fact that my hair is more thick and luscious than ever before!
Too bad most of it will fall out when I have the baby in a couple months but for now…I am embracing my flowing locks.
and since tonight is my LAST orientation shift…I am thanking everyone by making these amazing Raspberry White Choc Cheesecake Bars!
NO…I will not be thinking about the calorie intake!
BUT I’ll be sure to eat one for you!
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