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WHOSE ready for SUMMER!?!

I know I am…my body on the other hand…is not…I don’t know if my body will see a swimsuit for a while but at least I will PREPARED!!

DownEast hooked me up BIG TIME and let me pick a top and bottom for their new spring line!
Have you thought about your swimsuit choices yet this year?
Have you glanced at DOWNEAST’S website and looking at their ADORABLE swimsuits they have for spring 2012?…
Here’s a little sneak peak…

You like?…
look at the one I got…
(I have no idea what my face is doing in this picture)
yeah…it doesn’t EXACTLY FIT right now…I did try it on though…
and it looks really good but my belly is hanging out and my boobs are overflowing the top SOOOO…
I figured I’d save you all the image!
Obsessed doesn’t begin to explain how much I love this suit!!
This will DEFINITELY give me motivation!
Are you ready for the RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING NEWS?….
DOWNEAST is giving away a swim top and bottom to one of my readers REMEMBER it’s for either the MODBE or DOWNEAST brand swimsuits (your choice)!!
{leave a separate comment for each item you complete}

1. Grab my button and slab it up on the right side of your blog for the world to see! Then come back and tell me ya’ did!
Simply Sadie Jane
Grab the code on the left side of my blog!
2. Check out DOWNEAST.COM and come back to tell me your favorite mix and match combo!!
{remember to check out both DownEast AND Modbe}

3. AFTER you pick your favorite PIN IT to your fashion pin board on PINTEREST and come back to tell me!!

4. “LIKE” DownEast Basics on their FACEBOOK PAGE!!
5. “LIKE” The Official Modbe Clothing Page on their FACEBOOK PAGE!!
6. Follow MY blog {simply sadie jane} and leave a comment saying so.
{make sure you check and see if you are!}

7. Follow {simply sadie jane} on twitter, facebook or RSS feed! {up to 3 entries}
{you can follow all 3 of these on the top right of my blog}

8. Blog, Facebook and/or Tweet about this giveaway and then leave a link for it here. {up to 3 entries}

GIVEAWAY closes on March 9th at midnight!
WINNER will be announced March 10th, 2012!
(for US residents only)



  1. Totally want to win this give-away!!! I’m following your blog!:)- Ali

  2. i follow your blog! sweet giveaway! love the suit you have!

  3. just visited their site – love the sea sparkle swim suit in salmon! so cute!

  4. I “like” DownEast on FaceBook:)

  5. Visited the Downeast site, I like the Modbe mermaid top and Banded Bikini bottom in black.

  6. i follow your blog!

  7. I liked Downeast basics facebook page:)

  8. I liked the official modbe’s facebook page :)

  9. i follow you on facebook!

  10. i facebooked about the giveaway!

  11. I visited the downeast site, I really like the surfer girl suit, and the bottom that matches. So cute!

  12. I pinned the suit I liked into My Style pinboard. Thanks for such a fun contest!

  13. I like downeast on facebook

  14. I like simply sadie jane on facebook also!

  15. I so need a new swimsuit! Thanks for this chance!

    I follow your blog!

  16. I love the sausalito halter and that matching skirt for the bottoms! Hope I win!

  17. I love the beach cruiser top and bottom and the islander set!

  18. i pinned!

  19. i like downeast on fb!

  20. i like modbe on fb!

  21. i follow your blog!

  22. /i follow you on twitter

  23. i follow you on fb!

  24. I follow your blog. I like the sun star-target suit, very cute.

  25. Visited their site so many cute suits. I want the target suit.

  26. Love the Ruffle top flower stem top with the cute matching skirt!

  27. I like Downeast on FB!

  28. Liked Modbe clothing on FB!

  29. I follow your blog!

  30. I follow you on facebook!

  31. Liked Modbe on FB!

  32. I liked DownEast on FB!

  33. I follow you on FB :)

  34. I follow your blog!

  35. i really like the one you got but i really love the Beach Front Tank simple and i don’t have to worry about the girls falling out. hahaha.

  36. i’m a liker of downeast basics FB. :)

  37. i liked Modbe clothing FB. :)

  38. i’m a follower for shizzle.

  39. i follow you on FB.

  40. i like the vintage tank–mellow yellow!

  41. liked downeast on FB

  42. Liked DownEast Basics on Facebook!

  43. I’m a follower!

  44. Adore the suit you picked out (the islander) and the Mermaid top too!

  45. I liked downeast on facebook!

  46. I liked modbe on facebook!

  47. Following your blog!

  48. Following on Twitter!

  49. Liked Simply Sadie Jane on facebook!

  50. Put your button on my blog!

  51. Love love love the yacht club sailboat one and the islander black chevron! And I don’t have a swimsuit right now, so I would love one of these!! Super cute.

  52. follow you on FB, you ROCK!

  53. Oooh actually can’t make the button stick to my blog… still working on it. Super cute blog, Sadie!

  54. I love the Sausalito Halter–Salmon Stripe with the striped maching bottoms. Too cute! I can’t wait for summer!

  55. I pinned my favorite pick on pinterest on my “I’d like to wear…” board!

  56. I “liked” Downeast Basics on Facebook! I hope I get a new suit!

  57. I “liked” Modbe Clothing on facebook. They have cute stuff!

  58. I am following your RSS feed!

  59. I am following on Facebook now too!

  60. Following on twitter!

  61. Posted the giveaway link on Facebook!

  62. I tweeted about this fun give away! I hope I win!

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  65. I posted your Simply Sadie button on my blog!!:)

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  67. I grabbed your button! :D I totally want this giveaway!! :D

  68. I follow your blog!

  69. Shared your giveaway on my FB page!- Ali Brown

  70. I liked the Modbe Clothing Facebook page. I’m loving the swimsuits! :)

  71. I liked the Downeast Facebook page.

  72. I love the swimsuit you got, and the Sea Sparkle tank and bottom! :) So cute!

  73. Love the Sea Sparkle Tank with the Salmon Stripe Bottoms!

  74. I like the beach cruiser tank and beach cruiser bikini! :)

  75. Posted about giveaway on my blog

  76. Pinned the beach cruiser tank and bikini to my fashion pin board!

  77. Followin your blog!!

  78. “LIked” downEast… love them really!!

  79. I liked DownEast Basics Facebook page! :)

  80. for this post baby body, I love the retro revival suit, checked it all out at down!

  81. following you on Facebook!

  82. I liked the official Modbe Clothing Facebook page! :)

  83. I follow your blog! :)

  84. I followed Simply Sadie Jane on Facebook!

  85. I did a Facebook post about this giveaway! :)

  86. I did a blog post about the giveaway!! :) I hope I win.. I need a swimming suit and I love DownEast and ModBe swimming suits!! :D

  87. I linked to your giveaway on my blog I wrote.

  88. I am following your blog now too! I love your sewing/crafty posts, and the real life stuff is fun too.

  89. like Downeast on FB

  90. Like Modbe on Fb

  91. Pinned the Beach Cruiser Tank on Pintrest

  92. Now following simply sadie jane!

  93. Hey Sweet giveaway, were going on a cruise this summer so I hope I win. I did 2-7, I couldnt get number one to work and of course I follow your blog and on facebook. I like the Sausalito Halter–Flower Outline swim suit combo.

  94. Hey Sweet giveaway, were going on a cruise this summer so I hope I win. I did 2-7, I couldnt get number one to work and of course I follow your blog and on facebook. I like the Sausalito Halter–Flower Outline swim suit combo.

  95. Hey Sweet giveaway, were going on a cruise this summer so I hope I win. I did 2-7, I couldnt get number one to work and of course I follow your blog and on facebook. I like the Sausalito Halter–Flower Outline swim suit combo.

  96. I’ve got your button on my blog!

  97. I love the Beach Cruiser Tank with the matching bottoms. So cute! I also love the suit you got :)

  98. I “like” Downeast on FB

  99. I “like” Modbe on FB!

  100. I follow your blog

  101. Lovin’ the Chevron you chose. I’d go for the Beach Front Tank and Seven Seas Skirt…so so darling.

  102. Girl, you better believe I pinned it to my fashion board too.

  103. Just ‘liked’ Downeast on FB…have no idea why I never have before now…strange!

  104. Aaaaaaaaand now I ‘Like’ ModBe as well.

  105. Ohgirlhey…you best believe I’m already a SSJ blog follower…have been for a looooooong time.

  106. Oooo, didn’t know you created a separate page for SSJ on FB…consider yourself ‘Liked’.

  107. Phew…and for the final touch, I posted on FB about the giveaway. Though I kinda didn’t want to, you know, sharing the news takes away from my odds of winning.

    And I want to win.


  108. I put your button my blog! Also, I love your blog. I read it all the time!

  109. Beach Cruiser Tank– Large Cockatoo Dots
    Beach Cruiser Bikini– Large Dots

    That is my favorite one for sure!

    I also love the one you got!! The Black Chevron Stripe

  110. I just adore DownEast! Love their darling and modest swimsuits! Perfect for summer…my favorite would be Beach Cruiser Tankini! Love the mint!

  111. i liked downeast on facebook!

  112. I liked Modbe Clothing on facebook!

  113. I am a follower of your blog!

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  117. I definitely pinned that swimsuit to my style!

  118. I went and liked DownEast Basics! Love that store!

  119. I also liked Modbe!! I also love their style. Buy from there all the time!

  120. I love the Sausalito Halter–Flower Outline swim top matched with the Skipper skirt. So cute.

  121. I went to Down East website

  122. I follow your blog

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  124. I pinned the Downeast swimming suit on pinterest.

  125. My favorite is also the black and white chevron.

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  128. Pinned my fav.

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  132. I love the Sun Star Tank–Target Print from downeast!! Super Cute!!

  133. Pin It!!!

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  135. and the modbe!!

  136. I’m Following!!

  137. Following on Facebook

  138. Love the Deep Sea Tank…the spring floral design for top and bottom!!

  139. I follow your blog!

  140. I follow your RSS feed too!

  141. I added your button to my blog! :)

  142. I love the Deep Sea Tank and the Hampton Bikini in Spring Floral – so cute!!

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  144. I “like” ModBe on Facebook.

  145. I am following your blog! :)

  146. LOVE Beach Cruiser Tank– Large Cockatoo Dots.

  147. I like downeast basics on FB
    Stevie MooreBabies

  148. i Follow your blog via GFC
    Stevie Moorebabies

  149. I put your button on my blog!

  150. I love the Beach Cruiser Tank– Large Cockatoo Dots and I love the skirt that goes with it from Downeast

  151. I pinned the suit I like to my clothing board on Pinterest

  152. Just “liked” Downeast Basics on Facebook

  153. I am now following your blog.

  154. I am following you on Facebook

  155. I also update my Facebook Status about this giveaway. Thanks for this opportunity!

  156. I loved the suits on Downeast’s site. The Sausalito Halter in the Salmon Stripe and Pacific Blue bakini bottom in the Salmon stripe is my favorite!

  157. The sun star tank and bottoms where my favorite! But i loved them all!

  158. I liked downeast on facebook

  159. I followed modbe clothing on facebook

  160. i follow your blog

  161. i follow you on facebook

  162. I put your button on my page, I think! LOL.

  163. I really like the Surfer girl wide stripe. So cute!

  164. I follow your blog! So excited for a chance to win!

  165. I follow you!

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  167. I love the beach cruiser tank with the large cockatoo dots!!

  168. Button is on my blog.

  169. Don’t know if I can pick a favorite..The Chevron is SUPER cute. I’m also loving Modbe Spring Green Rings

  170. I’m totally a blog follower….maybe more like a stalker :)….I think we might now some of the same people that worked Labor/Delivery at MMH.

  171. i like the longitude and latitude swimsuit

  172. Hello there!

    I’m a new follower to your blog and I think you just seem like such a sweet person. Thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway…hope I win!


  173. I’m loving the “deep sea tank” + “hampton” combo…seriously so cute!

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  180. I love the Sea Sparkle Tank & Sea Sparkle Bikini Bottom from Downeast! So cute

  181. I follow your blog, have been for about a year now & I love it! I am a new mom & an interior Designer & can relate to you on so many levels. P.S. Love the giveaway, you always have great ones, but this is the 1st one I have entered.

  182. I shared the giveaway on facebook!!/EmLohnes/posts/3179461522268

  183. I love this swimsuit.–springfloral.aspx

    So CUTE!!!

  184. I would Pin it but Pinterest is having so issues. Ugh! :)


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  186. I like MODBE on FB!


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  201. Vintage Tank– Mellow Yellow

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  219. I LOVE all the mix and match!

  220. I LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY!!! I had to enter for my little niece!!

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  224. I LOVE the pink with sequins set!!

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  235. instagramed

  236. I PINNED my favorite!!

  237. I LOVE THIS giveaway!! Hope i win!

  238. give me one of those suits now!!

  239. love the light pink one!

  240. telling all my friends!

  241. lets swimsuit swap, i want that black and white one!

  242. love your blog!

  243. don’t hold out on over flowing boob pics!

  244. love downeast!!!!

  245. double love downeast!!

  246. tweeted!!!!

  247. shared on my blog!

  248. downeast: just enough style with just the right amount of coverage! LURRRRRVE!

  249. love the one sleeved tan and white one.

  250. wonder how my boobs would look in one of those!

  251. pick me!

  252. i’m your #1 fan!!!

  253. also downeast’s #1 fan!

  254. this post baby bod deserves a suit like that!

  255. “liked” downeast!

  256. these downeasters get me every swim season with their awesomeness!

  257. my sister would love one of these suits too!

  258. insta-ed that shiz up!

  259. tweeted TWICE!

  260. blogged three times!!!!

  261. blogged three times!!!!

  262. I tweeted

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  268. posted on twitter

  269. I have your button

  270. I am a follower you know i love your blog

  271. I love your instagram

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  273. I love the black one

  274. I really hope I win I love these suits!

  275. I follow your rss

  276. I emailed my contact list about it

  277. I pinned my favorite

  278. pinned this swim madness!!

  279. pick meeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  280. OMG I love this giveaway!!

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  282. i’m a big time follower of the ol’ blog!

  283. I want this swimsuit so bad!

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  288. I tweeted this hello I want to win!!

  289. PLease pick me! I like downeast on facebook

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  296. My favorite is the black and white strips for SURE!!

  297. I instagramed

  298. This is such a great giveaway thank you

  299. Shared on my family blog too!!!!

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