My Diaper bag dilemma!

I’m blaming it on my mother…I have a serious obsession with purses…
and I’m weirdly picking…not in a good way…
I get most of my purses at TJ Maxx but for some reason every time I shop I always find myself picking up the most expensive ones looking at the price then disappointingly putting it back on the shelf.
Well when it was time for me to have little miss Reagan the last thing I wanted was a diaper bag…I figured buying a fun big bag would cut it…
but my organized self was never satisfied!
Everything seemed to always get mixed up.
I’ve tried to tame my high maintenance purse obsession by buying all my purses cheaper but I’ve been saving up and NOW it’s time for me to buy a good, durable purse…well diaper bag that is!
Which posed another problem…almost all of the diaper bags I had seen in the past were just not my style or they were too expensive…I saved up money but come on…let’s be real here…I can’t afford a 300 dollar diaper bag yo!
AFTER hours of searching…I found the diaper bag for me…I think!
Even though I’ve ordered it and everything…I am still not sure…I will just have to wait until it comes in the mail and I can feel it out for myself!
BUT until then…here are a few examples of some of the bags that I loved and debated over…
1. Oilily
3. Petunia Pickle Bottom
4. Petunia Pickle Bottom 
5. Amykathryn
6. CAKE by Petunia

7. AmyKathryn
8. Ikabags
9. Timi & Leslie
Leave me a comment telling me which is your favorite and which you think I chose!!!
I think you’ll be surprised to see which one I got! 
Remember…I can always return.
I am SO bad with making decisions when there’s a lot of money on the line!
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