Going strong…

well kind of…
I am 32 weeks 
(33 weeks if you ask my new doctor…that I started going to when I started my new job…long story but now that I work at a new hospital I switched to that hospital to deliver because of the discounts I get there)
anyways…although I’m not certain whether I’m 32 or 33 weeks one thing that is certain…
the weight on the scale is increasing and the weight on the bar is decreasing!
 BUT even though my body can’t move like it used to I am still feeling GREAT.
No…it’s not easy to get myself to the gym…and I don’t go every day.
I literally have to DRAG myself sometimes because I feel so funny walking (WADDLING) into that door…but every time I walk out I feel better!
You’ve all heard this rant before but I’m here to tell you that even though I am almost 8 months pregnant I still LOVE going. 
Just remember one thing…
when have you ever gone to the gym and said…”Man I so regret going!?!”
but you regret when you stay home right!?!
If I can go…you can go!

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