Here is an official 360 degree view of the nursery…
I kept it cute and simple!
I searched and searched for all different kinds of letters…at first I was going to buy them all separate but then after searching ETSY…I found a pretty decent price for a full set of unfinished letters!!
I got the curtains from DRAWSTRING STUDIOS!
The furniture was found on Craigslist…SUCH A STEAL!! 
Tutorial on my re-purposed window coming soon!
NOW…let’s get into the nitty gritty…into the organizing and the ‘everything you need for your newborn’…that didn’t make any sense but you get what I’m trying to say right?
Let’s just get into it!!
Organizing the clothes!
Thanks to my sisters and friends I haven’t had to buy many clothes for my little guy!
Newborn to 24 months
(I did this with all his shirts, pants, PJs and onsies)
 PJ’s on the left, white onsies in the middle and fun onsies on the right!
What’s in my changing table baskets??
 Basket 1: Hats, socks, leggings and hand covers
 Basket 2: Burp clothes!
A few of the burp cloths I’ve sewn!
Basket 3: Wipes
 Basket 4: Swaddlers and blankets 
 Basket 5: Eventually it will be full of diapers
(buying those puppies in bulk)
but for now it’s keeping the toys, nursing covers and baby sling
 The must haves for on top of the changing table…
Desitin and Vaseline 
Other must-haves in the nursery…
Nursery Fresheners!
This has EVERYTHING for Reagan and little boy B
temperature probe
nail clippers
bulb syringe
saline drops 
saline spray
gas relief drops
gripe water
teething swabs
and syringes!
 Remember: that basket is for both my little ones but these few things are a must for a newborn…at least in my opinion…
with Reagan I had a few nights that I had wished I had some of these items…so with this baby I am going to be prepared!
 A couple more MUST-haves…
the PERFECT baby soap and lotion!
Of all the lotions and soaps I’ve tried these are for sure my favorite!
They moisturize the best and leave my little one smelling fresh!

I know…I’m only 36 weeks but I am trying to be as prepared as I can because I have picked up so many shifts at work!
You can call me ‘SUGAR MAMA’ for the next few weeks…I’ll allow it!
But I still have just a FEW more things to do…
like sterilize pacifiers and bottles
and pack my hospital bag (post on that coming soon)…
I even have both car seats in the car…I know!!

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