My labor story and beyond!

I can’t believe I’m a mother of 2 beautiful children!
I still feel like I’m living in a dream.
I feel so blessed that I have a beautiful baby boy and that my labor went so smooth and easy!
Since I wanted to remember every detail of what happened leading up to labor this labor story is kind of intense (you have been warned)!
Let’s start this story a few weeks earlier.
When I turned 36 weeks I had a fellow nurse check my cervix to see if I was dilated at all…just curious ya know…well to my surprise I was already 3 cms!! It made me nervous and excited all at the same time I knew that people could walk around at 3 cms for weeks…well I cramped and hurt the rest of the night (working night shift as a labor and delivery nurse can do that to you) so the next night I worked as well and I just had a feeling I had changed cause I was feeling pretty crappy…so I had another nurse check me and I was 3.5 cms…yet again I got really nervous…I decided to lay low a little bit and not pick up anymore work until I was 37 weeks because my hospital had a policy that every baby under 37 weeks had to be observed in the NICU for 24 hrs. I went and saw my doctor the next wed when I hit 37 weeks exactly…I had worked the night before and I was scheduled to work the next six nights after that…ya call me crazy but they were seriously needing extra people to help and my manager was paying time and a half for all the extra shifts I picked up …since we just built our fence and we had a baby on the way we were needing the extra money! Ok so back to the doctors apt…when he checked me he also stripped my membranes!! And man I thought that was going to put into labor for sure…that night at work I just felt gross and uncomfortable. The doc was at work to deliver a pt so he rechecked me and I was the same…of course…(honestly I was ok with not changing but being 4 cms totally gave me false hope that I was going into labor any time) so here comes wed and thur and fri and sat and sun night…working 12 hr shifts and going home to sleep while Jeff or Holly (my amazing dear friend) watches Reagan for me. Yeah it’s safe to say I felt like the most horrible mother! But I knew there was an end in sight…every night I worked I felt uncomfortable but never hurting and I would have a few contractions that would really hurt but nothing consistent! Every afternoon that I woke up I thought to myself ok this might be the night shift that something happens. Well come Sunday night I hadn’t been rechecked so I had a fellow nurse again check me to see if working did anything at all…and guess what …it hadn’t…but at that point I really was ok with it I mean I wasn’t even 38 weeks for the love!! I didn’t understand why I was getting so impatient…I decided it was because I told myself things would happen since I was already a four…I decided to have a come to Jesus talk with myself and calm myself down!! Nothing needed to happen…other than feeling uncomfortable when I sleep and tired from work I really did feel ok…I knew it would happen soon! Ok so Sunday night…fairly slow night…I had a few post partum patients…I was pretty tired after working six (12 hr) shifts in a row. When the end of my shift came at 7 am Monday morning walking out to my car to go home I didn’t necessarily feel gross or anything…I even was able to meet Jeff at Holly’s to help drop off Reagan and see her for a little bit…when I did get to bed I slept ok…not really anything different I did however remember having to pee around 11 and refusing to get up and do so cause I was so exhausted! When I finally did wake up and pee something didn’t feel right…I felt dizzy and lightheaded and just a little off. My left side was cramping a little bit but I just thought it was gas pain or I kinked my back sleeping wrong. When I showered it was hurting a bit worse…I ended up siting in the shower hoping it would help but the pain was still increasing…but 2 I was headed out to pick up Reagan but I hadn’t gotten ready at all…I was too uncomfortable to stand there and do my hair and makeup I still just figured I was fatigued from the last week. When I got Reagan I tried to hide it from Holly that I was hurting I remember just being so so thirsty…usually when I go over to pick Reagan up I hang out a bit with Holly and we talk about the day and other things but man this day…which was Tuesday if your keeping track..all I wanted was some water and my bed! So I grabbed a drink and grabbed Reagan and left…I felt bad because I was being totally antisocial and of course Holly could see right through me…she kept asking me if I was ok and I reassured her I was…when I got home with Reagan the pain continued to increase I tried to sit on the couch and watch Tangled with Reagan but it hurt too bad…so I grabbed the iPad gave it to Reagan and tried to lay down…the pain in my left side was getting worse and worse I called Jeff because I was getting worried and suspecting a kidney stone…although I had never had one before…he could hear that I needed him and hurried home! I called my sister Rachel next to ask her about her kidney stone…she explained to me that all my symptoms were indeed manifesting a kidney stone she said I better get to the hospital…after talking to the charge nurse up on LandD and talking with my dear friend Nancy who worked that night…they both told me to come in…so off I went…the car ride was horrible and things weren’t getting much better once I got to my bed…they asked for a urine sample which was a horrible dark amber color …I knew for sure I had a kidney stone after seeing all the blood in my urine! 

The pain wasn’t going anywhere fast so they gave me 2 Percocets (a strong narcotic) and that didn’t even touch the pain so they gave me some morphine IV which actually really helped at first then wore off after about thirty minutes of bliss…then the question of what to do with me was more open ended than ever!! My doctor considered transferring me to the larger hospital and going to the ER to see the urologist there but then my bill would have been absolutely huge and I honestly didn’t see how that would help the situation…with me being 37.6 weeks pregnant they couldn’t do anything very invasive with the stone anyways…the other option my doctor recommended was to get me an epidural to stop the pain then wait about four hrs for the morphine to get out of my system since little Baylor was really feeling it…which was yet another reason to get him outta there because he was being affected by all the pain medication they were trying to give me to help with the pain…anyways the doctor wanted to wait till that wore off to break my water just in case I went really fast and he didn’t tolerate it well. So after getting a blessing from my dad and hubby I quickly decided I wanted to get the epidural…I was kinda out of it from the morphine and the pain but I knew I wanted my baby to be safe and the pain to be gone! After the blessing I knew everything would be ok. I got the epidural right away around 10 pm and kidney pain finally went away!! It was an amazing feeling to not feel any pain or discomfort! After that I spent a lot of the next little while watching Baylors fetal heart strip and hoping and praying that it would get looking better oh and I put makeup on and did my hair…trust me it was needed…I was pretty much a hot mess before! I hadn’t even put lotion on my feet yet…so after I got all that done I was feeling great and mister Baylor was looking amazing!! They put a catheter in me which was a relief to see some urine output since they had already given me 2 liters of fluid and I hadn’t had any output! I was a little worried about obstructions!…After a few hrs Baylors fetal strip started to look amazing!! Nancy started pitocin at 330 since I wasn’t even contracting…I was 4.5 cms at that point. Once the doctor came to brake my water at 4 am I was 5 cms. Clear fluid…good looking baby and a pain free mom…we were looking good now we just wait!!
By 7 I was starting to feel a lot of pressure and after pushing through 3 contractions little mister Baylor made his appearance at 726!

Family of 4!!
Reagan pretty much wanted nothing to do with him while in the hospital.

One of my best friends Nancy was my labor nurse and my nurse after!
I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse!
Thank you Nancy for being so amazing and giving me such excellent care!
My other dear friend Holly who took care of Reagan while I worked and while I was in the hospital!
She will forever have a place in my heart!
She took care of Reagan as if she was her own…giving her baths, doing her hair and giving her kisses.
I would have never been able to pick up so many shifts and Jeff would have never been able to spend the nights with me in the hospital. (I am so grateful for that time Jeff and I were able to have…it was time I’ll always cherish)
Thank you Holly for being Reagan’s second mom and being such a dear friend!!
This is going to sound weird but I was so worried about loving someone as much as I love Reagan because I didn’t know how I could love someone as much as I love her. Was I wrong or what!?! I cannot get enough of him! Right after I delivered the urologist wanted to get a ct scan and a CMB to look and see if I really did have a kidney stone or not. I was glad to get the CT scan right away because I was worried about feeling the pain from the kidney stone again once the epidural wore off. They took little Baylor to the nursery and watched him while I was sent down to radiology. Once they got the results back from the scan the doctor let me know that there was indeed a kidney stone. It was 7 by 5 by 4 mms…the size of a pencil eraser…oh dear! He let me know that it’s placed right above the bladder which is the smallest and hardest place for the stone to get through…the good news was I only had a couple more cms for it to go through…but it was supposedly the most painful to pass. The doctor reassured me that since I had just delivered a baby that would relieve a lot of the pain and because of delivery everything was dilated so the stone would pass easily. He said it would be horribly painful or it wouldn’t hurt at all. He also said that I could pass it within an hour or within weeks…so the very large kidney stone is hanging out somewhere in my body OR I may have passed it already…all I know is I’m going home with some good pain medication just in case it decides to pass and cause me problems. But for now I am feeling GREAT!! My recovery has been an absolute breeze! Breastfeeding is going wonderfully and little Baylor could not be anymore perfect in my eyes. Today was my first day with just Reagan and Baylor and I…it was definitely different and a challenge but I just need some time to get used to it! 

I am so grateful to be a mother!
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