a very special time indeed!
Let me explain this special time to you as I share the pictures of the season.
Because NO ONE gets overwhelmed or stressed by all the packaging, wrapping, baking, shipping, shopping and cheering…
I wish I could have given this package to every women in the world for Christmas!
 Inhaling the eucalyptus and spearmint in ALL IT’S GLORY will surely help you remember the importance of the season…
at least it will help for a good 20 seconds!
Until you walk out of your bedroom and your homemade advent calender catches your eye…
the one that so graciously counts down the days to Christmas with an activity included everyday.
It brings you back to reality when you notice you’re 3 days behind on your adventing!!
Now you must make Gingerbread houses,
see the Christmas lights, 
and sing Christmas carols…
all before making a jello mold for the ward Christmas party!
OK so maybe I am being slightly dramatic…but this season more than ever I felt the Christmas craziness starting to take over…let us see all the craziness I enjoyed and how I managed to keep it at bay!
Making sweat angels with my Crossfit sweaty back goodness…
actually doesn’t make me less stressed at all…
I just thought this was a cool picture and I wanted to share it!
and I ate nothing but brown sugar, powdered sugar and sugar throughout the month of December so it makes me look a little better knowing I went to the gym (a bit)!
It’s pretty safe to say I threw ‘eating clean’ out the window!
 I threw it so far out the window that it got to a point where I would buy baking materials JUST to eat them.
Yeah…no baking was done with these…but the bag was gone within days!
 Gingerbread house decorating is just an excuse to put every kind of sugary goodness in a bowl on the table in front of your face just to pretend to place pieces here and there on a cookie house when really we all could care a less how the houses turn out…
as long as we get to eat out weight in candy!
{How to have an easy and clean gingerbread decorating party blog post coming soon!}
Guess how many I made of these for friends and family…
…just guess!
Now guess how many of those I ate the next 3 nights while the rest of my house was sleeping…
I promise the amount would disturb you!
 When I woke up from my caramel pretzel coma…I burned off almost all the calories by running from house to house dropping off the fruits of my labor!
 You better believe the kids got in on it too!
 I have a serious baking obsession!
I took a quick break from being a diabetic and enjoyed time with some of my favorite people in the world.
I MAY have indulged in the PURE GOODNESS of this movie TWICE last week!
Ok…so it’s 3 hours long…but the singing reached the deepest corners of my heart…to the point where I {FOR REALS} am forever changed!
We all thought the movie was pretty spectacular!
…and while we walked out of the theater with our red eyes and noses…
…I was annoying and had to snap a shot of how fun and unique everyones outfits were!
I mean…come on…look how chic my mom looks!
Speaking of mom…I HAD to highlight some of her Christmas decor that warmed our spirits throughout the Holidays!
She is a BRILLIANT decorator!
She also taught me how to REALLY wrap a present!
 I made 160ish of these CDs for my primary kids!
They are a copy of songs we are learning next year.
 I have spent LONGER than I’d like to admit sitting at this desk sending out a little Christmas cheer near and far.
{this is placed on my locker at work}
 oh yeah…I guess I worked some too…and drove home in -8 degree weather…
thank goodness I am not a pioneer!
I don’t think I would handle that very well.
Speaking of cold days…let us go back 4 years ago when it was 9 degrees outside on my wedding day!
Happy 4 year anniversary baby!!
I love you forever!
 OK back to Christmas things…
I did some serious spreading of Christmas cheer with this one sided ponytail and sweater!
I MAY have Christmas bears on my turtleneck too!
OH and I was wearing wreath earrings…with BELLS on them!
AFTER all the cards have been sent, the baking is finished, and all the shopping is done…
uhhh I just sounded like a Carpenters Christmas song!!
(now I have it stuck in my head)
{courtesy of google images}
OK…but for reals…
It is so easy for me to get caught up in all the parties and cheer and celebrations, which isn’t necessarily bad, but when it comes down to it…
none of that matters in the end…
  whether you do or do not believe in the Savior it’s up to you.
I enjoy celebrating the birth of my Savior on Christmas and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else than these precious faces below

No matter what we believe or what we celebrated this Holiday season, there is one thing that we all have in common.
We all want to be around people we LOVE!
And if we don’t have that certain someone or family in our lives…we search for some kind of companion or friend to enjoy moments of happiness with.
Because happiness is nothing at all unless you have someone to share it with.
I am grateful that I can live in a place where I am able to celebrate Christmas the way that I want to…
with my family!
Because in my eyes…family is what matters most!
I hope you were all able to share a hug, a laugh or even just a passing smile with someone this Holiday season…
but if you didn’t…
know that you are loved by me!

 Merry Christmas


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