I can’t believe it took me so long to put chalkboard paint in my house!
I’ve been wanting to do it pretty much since they first put that glorious chalkboardness into a can! 
 I FINALLY took the plunge and slapped some on my wall this weekend!!
So…although there probably are about a million tutorials on all things chalkboard…
here’s a little rundown on how I did it up in my hood…uh…or home!
{I choose my kitchen for a few different reasons…I am so glad I did this location!}
It’s perfect for grocery lists…
love notes…
little pumpkins drawing spot while the momma makes dinner…
it’s a central location that happens to help everyone stay outta trouble…at least for a few minutes!}
{you can have something small and simple…or go ALL OUT so that it’s perfect for every size!}
 Say goodbye to your old decor and Christmas letters…
you don’t need to do any kind of priming if your wall color is already a lighter color.
As long as your wall is clean you are ready to go!
1. Chalkboard paint
2. Stain 
3. White paint {or whatever color you want your frame to be}
4. 2 {1/2 inch} foam brushes
5. Small roller {for chalkboard paint}
6. Titebond {wood glue}
 7. Ruler and pencil
8. Trim or crown molding {If using crown molding be WARNED…depending on how you lay it on your wall…it might stick out a bit from your wall…hence the whole purpose of crown molding}
or random pieces of wood
 Make pencil marks on your wall about 2 inches long at every corner to know where to paint…
remember to mark so it will be INSIDE or UNDERNEATH your frame.
 Paint your little heart out!!
You pretty much paint just like any other paint!
 I did about 4 coats!
Between each layer of chalkboard paint, work on your frame…
once you decide the length and width of your frame…run to your local hardware store and snatch up a piece of wood {from the trim section} any piece you desire! Let your creativity run wild…oh and take a pickup because those pieces are LONG…
I had to go to a custom cabinet store to get my custom cut but I am pretty sure Home Depot will do simple custom cuts.
My frame is 18″ by 65″
 Piece the frame together and use TITEBOND to ‘glue’ the wood.
DISCLAIMER: it takes FOREVER to dry…I am stubborn and didn’t want my husbands help {I was trying to prove to myself that I could do a wood project all by MYSELF} 
So…since I didn’t have my husbands expertise…I used ginormous canned food and tape to keep my wood together while it dried!
 Once it dried I started on the stain!
I had this color on hand so I used it…but it was a bit ‘red’ for me…it worked out fine after a few layers of white paint…
 When achieving that ‘distressed’ look…make sure you paint ‘over’ your wood…don’t worry about getting into all the holes and crevasses
 After a few layers of stain and paint…remember to dry in between…you are ready to place your frame over your paint.
 If you use tiny, long nails they aren’t very noticeable…
{I did this part by myself too!}
put one nail in each corner and one halfway down each side. 
A project that us moms can do ALL BY OURSELVES!!!
{I was obviously proud of myself…hey you have to start somewhere right!?}
 If you get really lucky like me…your wood will ‘distress itself’! 
I had it drying on my dining room table under the lights but also had the sliding glass door open to help the paint smell go away…I think the hot/cold combination made it crackle…I really have no idea how it happened but I LOVE how it turned out!
 THIS is why I LOVED using crown molding! 
The PERFECT nook for your chalk!
 Now go online and look up a bunch of SWEET fonts to make the PERFECT chalkboard drawing!
{in honor of Valentines Days}
Maybe 4.6 seconds later Reagan came trotting around the corner and rubbed her chubby little hands over HALF of this!
Now go make your own chalkboard drawing before Thursday so you can leave your special Valentines a sweet little note!
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