I came across a photo the other day that literally made me throw my head back and laugh hysterically.
and then these thoughts flooded my mind…
That baby weighs more then she does
I know some people are skinny after having kids but REALLY…I mean come on!
She MUST be their nanny!
Can you say SURROGATES?
Why is her hair flipping like she’s running a marathon?
Maybe it’s caught on that tree branch…
Necklaces=death traps
Is that baby sleeping?…or drugged because naturally he would be all up in those necklaces!
That little girls dress is WAY TOO CLEAN!
You walk around town carting 2 kids in 6 inch heals?!…ME TOO!!!
That baby must have spit up on your fur coat…yep…that’s why you look so pissed!
You must have promised your little girl some ice cream because she looks entirely TOO HAPPY frolicking on the sidewalk WHILE holding your hand like she actually wants to be holding your hand instead of raising havoc in the streets!!
I want to be her!
{photo courtesy of Google search}
It was funny to me that one simple fashion shoot could get me so fired up…
I think I ultimately felt protective when I saw this picture!
Protective of my motherhood!
Does that make sense?
I was annoyed almost and thought to myself…I hate you perfect pictured mom and I love you and I’m jealous of you.
but I’m just being real here…that’s what I do…I do real!
And honestly I think I was feeling over-protected for all the moms out there!
I mean you work so hard for the title of “MOTHER” that it’s something you want to protect.
You want to be REAL…real enough that I thought it would be fun to do the ‘SAME PICTURE’ but something you can relate to a bit more I think.
High bun, yesterdays makeup, stretch pants, binky, blanket and honest mommy bags under my eyes!
The other night Jeff and I went to bed after all of the days work had been accomplished and the kids were nestled cozy in their beds.
Teeth were brushed, books reads, songs sang, prayers heard and kisses given.
It was about 11 PM and we were cuddled up close talking about how he had to go sleep on the couch for a few hours last night cause my breath stunk so bad and I was in my deepsleepopenmouthed sleep goodness! 
{apparently my toothpaste had worn off…yeah, you can envision how beautiful that was…I would have gone on the couch too!}
I was laughing into my pillow when I heard it…
the faint sound coming from Reagan’s room…
Suddenly Jeff and I froze and silently listened to hear if that haunting sound would appear again!
I buried myself in my pillow again but this time…I wasn’t laughing
I automatically felt 100 times more exhausted knowing what was ahead for me that night!
I looked at Jeff and we both threw our fingers up to our noses…
{it’s a thing we do…”NO NOSE GOES”…whoever touches their nose last has to do it}
I had WON…but knew I had to go into Reagan anyway!
She always wants me at night and if I don’t comply World War 3 commences and Baylor wakes up too!
I begrudgingly trampled off to Reagan’s room and opened the door to be greeted by a brighteyedmessyhaired little girl who was WAY more animated then any 2 year old should be at 11 PM.
she knew it wasn’t morning
mom: “Reagan it’s bedtime still, the sun isn’t up yet, come on…let’s go cuddle in bed.”
enter the whining and the “MOMMY…I WANT A TREAT…I WANT IPAD!”
“Come on Reagan let’s cuddle…it’s bedtime.”
{for reals she said that}
{no she didn’t get that from me…}
This was the start of one of the longest nights of my motherhood career…that I can recall!
I wish I had a high speed camera to capture all that happened within the next 3 hours…
if I had it would include
more book reading
shacking up with my girl in her twin bed ALL night long while she…
jumped on the bed
played with her toys
sang her songs over and over and over
ran around the room saying random gibberish mickey mouse phrases… 
poked my eye
my nose
my ear
my butt
my boobs
to say that this little thing wasn’t tired would be an understatement!
She was WIRED and her mommy had HAD IT!
After falling asleep on Rufus {her stuffed dog} for maybe 30 seconds she pulled my hair…
yep…that’s pretty much where I lost it…
I told her I was going to bed and she needs to go to sleep.
I left the room with my stink face on and stomped into my bedroom {this was about 2 AM}
The second I laid my head on the pillow I heard her little feet pitter-patter over to her door and her ohsofake cry followed!
I thought about crying for a second {you would know if you were a mother…you just get to that point of exhaustion and it just hits…}
I took a deep breath and told Jeff it was his turn…
his turn consisted of…
dad: “Reagan why are you crying?…go to bed”
dad: “Mommy is sleeping.”
AND…the next thing I know her little eyes are looking back at my as I strain to keep mine shut and pretend like I don’t know she’s there.
She then proceeded to lay on the floor and give me her classic fake cry again except this time it was amplified by 100 notches…
then the unthinkable happened…BAYLOR WOKE UP!
Jeff ran to Baylor’s rescue as I took 5 cleansing breathes while walking Reagan back to her room.
I placed her in her bed and started walking out when she started up again…
I was beyond the point of no return and knew I had to give in once more…
I, yet again, placed my head on Rufus and what happened next changed my whole night…
Reagan leaped onto the bed, looked into my eyes and said
She then proceeded to lay next to me…place half of her beloved blanket on my back and tuck herself under the other half. 
She turned towards me and lifted herself onto her elbow…
she looked at me and said
She then kissed my forehead and took her tiny little hand and caressed my face for at least 2 minutes.
 Tears started streaming down my face as I looked into the eyes of this perfect, innocent child who just wanted her mommy that night.
She fell asleep a while later with her hand in mine and after I watched her porcelain face fade into dreamland I creeped out of her room.
 I lost a lot of sleep that night but gained SO MUCH more!
Who cares if I have extra baby weight, or skin that hangs a little differently or stretch marks on my stomach and bags under my eyes…who cares that reality is pictured on the left…in all it’s homely glory!
I sure don’t…because those 2 little cherubs in my arms are all mine and I get the pleasure of calling myself their mother!
{sweater: H&M, workout pants: TJ MAXX, shoes: Nike}
Reagan: {shirt: Sprocket, pants: Gap, Shoes: Children’s Place}
Baylor: {sweater: Sprocket, blanket: Aiden and Adnis}

Just for the record…
I’m not hatin’ on this picture!
If I had the time and the money and the means I might consider this look…maybe…
I’m just making all those other mothers out there feel a little bit better ’bout themselves!



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