Who doesn’t love canvas prints?!?
I love displaying pictures in my home and a canvas print is the perfect way to show off all your pictures without having to work with a certain theme.
Whether your decorating style is traditional, modern or vintage…canvas prints go with them all!
BUT they have one downside…
they are ridiculously expensive!
 Here is a cheap alternative to those amazing LARGE canvases we all want to liter our homes with! 
*20×30 poster print {I printed mine at SAMS CLUB} AROUND $8 just print the picture of your choice onto a poster
*20×24 blank canvas {Michaels} If you sign up for there emails they will send you awesome coupons for 50% an item. If you use that with other coupons you can get your canvas for under $15 dollars!! 
 *MOD PODGE {matte finish} a BIG 16 OZ bottle
*sponge brushes
*packing tape 
 1. Take your blank canvas and the back of your poster and cover them with a thick coating of MOD PODGE 
2. Carefully place your poster on your canvas {your sides will stick out so make sure you place your poster directly in the middle of the canvas}
3. Now it’s time to cover your picture with MOD PODGE, start in the middle and ensure that you’re making horizontal strokes all over the picture
{also make sure you are coating your top and bottom edge very well!}
{don’t go over the side edges quite yet}
 4. Take 4 inch strips of packing tape, while pulling the poster as tight as you can around the egdes, tape your poster down to the back of the canvas.
{Initially only use a few strips of tape}
5. Then MOD PODGE your edges with a THICK coating.
 6. Once the edges are mostly dry, tape the rest of the poster to the back of the canvas like the pictures above show.
7. If you have clamps…you can use them to form your creased edge. They will help your edge become more defined. 
{if you don’t have clamps place a bunch of heavy books on tops of the canvas while it dries}
place some newspaper under the books first of course
As your MOD PODGE dries you can start to see your finished work!
Throw it up on your wall with a few more decor items and you have a expensive looking canvas for CHEAP!
If you were to order the same size canvas on a canvas website it would cost you easily 100 dollars or more!
Now go get your canvas goodness on for a QUARTER of the price!!
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