so here is a list of what I usually eat and what I ate when I lost my 60 POUNDS after having my 2nd BABY! 
Unlike the title of my blog post…my diet is FAR FROM ‘EVERYTHING’ PALEO!
I have more of a ‘MODIFIED PALEO’ lifestyle!
 THE PALEO PYRAMID is as shown above but I allow legumes {beans} and ‘some’ dairy in my diet!
Here is an overall list of pretty much what I eat…
I allow myself little ‘rewards’ or ‘treats’ here and there…
I love my cupcakes, cinnamon rolls and candy…so if I am being really strict I will restrict myself to one piece of candy a day or a few bites of a sweet treat!
I am WAY more of a ‘sugar person’ then a ‘breads person’ so keeping grains out of my diet isn’t very difficult for me!
AND you better believe that if I am on VACA I am having me some rolls with my dinner!!
THAT BEING SAID…here is a look at the PALEO lifestyle I strive to live by day to day!

Eggs with ANY VEGGIES you want…I usually do…mushrooms and a small handful of cheese
Greek yogurt with strawberries or any berries
Almond butter with apples

Turkey slices
Steamed veggies {in the freezer section: steam-able bags} best invention ever
or big bags of veggies using the microwave steamer from pampered chef
Raw veggies
Cottage cheese with avocados
Tomatoes and avocados
Hummus and veggies
Raw fruit

Any meat prepared with spices
Mashed cauliflower
Cauliflower rice
Egg surprise {salsa, mushrooms, ground beef, spices}
Sweet potatoes
Thai food
Sushi:without rice
Lemon herb salmon with slivered almonds
Zucchini pasta with ground turkey, veggies and tomato sauce
Lettuce wraps: {rotisserie chicken, mango’s, broccoli slaw, avocados, ginger sauce}  
Rotisserie chicken
Salads: canned chicken, mustard, slivered almonds, pomegranates, small handful of cheese, balsamic Vinegar, craisins, mushrooms, sprouts, sunflower seeds…anything really…
Brussel sprouts
Greek Shish Kabobs with Greek yogurt dip
PALEO lasagna {cucumber noodles}
Any kind of meat you put in a tortilla or bun but wrapped in romaine lettuce instead!!
AND any random meal you throw together using Paleo meat and veggies

You can make all your treats with almond flour and honey! REALLY! refer to my PINTEREST to see recipes! 
Paleo brownies {can be made with dates, almond flour}
Almonds {these SAVE me during the night!!} seriously I snack on these all night at work!
Cocoa almonds {these too!}
Mandarin oranges
Apple slices
Sugar snapped peas
All natural fruit leather {dehydrated strawberries, apples, cinnamon and water}
Dried fruit {craisins, apples, pears, strawberries, mango’s} those are my favorites but you can really do any-just make sure they don’t have a sugar coating on them
More than 70% dark chocolate
Green smoothies or all fruit smoothies {not really encouraged but I love me some Naked juice!}

One question I received was…how do you stay energized throughout your night shifts??
 {image: google.com}
I drink ALL WATER…and put use these NUUN tablets to enhance my water!
I use the KONA COLA kind!
I get them at our local running store and they are AWESOME!!
They are like Gatorade but without all the sugar or calories!
They give me the electrolytes I need while keeping me energized!
{A GREAT alternative to Diet Coke!!}
I THINK that pretty much covers it!!
I hope this helps all you mothers out there that are wanting to lose that baby weight OR even those who just want to eat CLEAN!!
I strive to raise my children on this diet as well but I would but lying if I said little R doesn’t have her ‘all natural’ chicken nuggets every once in a while too!
For Reagan I try to stay more “balance” and “healthy”!
I think that is the MOST IMPORTANT thing for young growing kids!!!
I don’t stress as long as she is eating everything on the food pyramid at least twice a day!
Feel free to ask more questions if some arise!!
to hear more about my 60 POUND BABY WEIGHT LOSE JOURNEY!!!
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