Spring outfits and makeovers!

It is FINALLY starting to feel like spring over here…and what better way to welcome spring then carting the kids to Baylor’s 9 month appointment WITHOUT jackets on!!
It was an epic day people!
 You wouldn’t think sitting in a 7×14 foot doctors office with 2 kids would be a difficult task…but trying to keep them under control with a smile on your face while the doctor tries to tell you the importance of keeping your child backward facing in his car seat is a DIFFERENT STORY!
Let us look at IMAGE A…
perfectly content 2 year old eating some dark chocolate she found in mommy’s purse swinging her little legs and patting those little eyes at the doctor. 
Then…the SECOND mom starts paying attention to the doctor…
I flipped my head around and gasped…
all I could do was cover my mouth with my hand and shake my head in horror…
I was mortified!
 I GENTLY took Reagan’s hand and NICELY told her “no, no Reagan, we do not play with mommy’s makeup.”
{all I could think was…the doctor is watching you…the doctor is watching you}
I am pretty sure he was writing notes in my chart to get a social work consult!
I mean…just 2 seconds earlier he had to tell me Baylor had paper in his mouth that he grabbed from the exam table…I WAS HOLDING BAYLOR…I didn’t even notice!
MOM: 0
 As I was leaving I had to show all the receptionists her masterpiece!
We were their favorite patients of the day!
 After the doctor’s office I met my hot hubby for a much needed lunch date in the confines of our car while the kids were sleeping!
 AND…since they were STILL sleeping after we finished…I figured I’d take a few shots of my ‘ODE TO SPRING’ outfit!
 I realize there is still snow on the ground but it was like 50 degrees over the weekend so I was beyond excited!
{shoes: TOMS, pants: H&M, shirt H&M, hat: DownEast, glasses: H&M}
Let’s hope I can keep my eye on at least ONE of my children next time!
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