Enjoying your Perspective. and a couple of winners!

 Last weekend Baylor and I jumped on a plane and headed down to Arizona for some much needed family time.
{post coming about my trip soon}
It was great to see family and be apart of their everyday lives for a few days.
Of course one of the best parts about traveling for me is seeing the different cities and the way people live.
I’m no stranger to travel, in fact I LOVE visiting big cities and often times wished I lived in a bigger city.
I feel as if I visit large cities often enough that I get my ‘fix’.
But I will oftentimes find myself wishing I lived in the city permanently.
I think the thing I take for granted most is the fact that I DON’T live in a big city.
Let me explain a bit,
while Molly {my cousin} and I were driving around Glendale we started talking about the differences between where I live and where she lives.
First it was the obvious stuff like how I think it’s crazy that they don’t have grass in Arizona.
I couldn’t live without my grass for those summer nights of throwing the football around the backyard and playing catch.
I realize that’s all about climate but then we started talking about our perspectives on the location in which we live.
There was no debate that I live in a completely different environment than she does!
She asked questions like,
“What do you even do in Idaho?”
Haha, I can understand why she feels that way!

To people that have never been here, Idaho can be as foreign a land to them as Kansas is to me!

I listed off to her some of the major ‘touristy’ things to do around the area like white water rafting on the Snake, or fishing in Island Park, four-wheeling at the sand dunes or sightseeing in Yellowstone.
Even dinner in Jackson.
But to me, all of this is normal to me since I was raised in the area.
“Watching Old Faithful go off gets old after the 5th or 6th field trip!”
We continued asking questions about each others hometowns.
She added,
“It’s weird that people come here for vacations when it’s just where I live!”
Living by this stadium or that store or the Grand Canyon even!
“It’s all just normal for me!”
I am sure you all can relate,
you probably live by something that people would love to see or visit.
It is all about perspective. 
But isn’t it great that we can all live in such unique, beautiful places and each have such a different appreciation for the ‘simple things in life’.
Like grass.
Or store location.
Or 100 degree weather.
Or taking a morning walk with little R across the street to say good morning to the neighbors.
 Our horse friends; Horris, Lucy, Norman and Bob!
{we named them}
I think that is why traveling and exploring new places is so important!
By enjoying new places, seeing new sites and observing different cultures, we begin to appreciate what we have around us in our everyday lives.
I realized Arizona is not like traveling to Rome or Germany,
but even traveling 890 miles away can really give you some perspective.
So tonight while your sipping tea on your balcony that looks out over the city of Chicago, 
rocking your little one to sleep outside by the pool in Arizona, 
painting in an apartment that overlooks the Puget Sound in Seattle,
 or falling asleep to the sound of tractors in a nearby hay field in Idaho, 
remember that even though it all seems mundane and somewhat ordinary most of the time,
 millions of people would kill for your perspective!
 So enjoy it!
Every minute of it!
Because you don’t know what you could be missing!

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