My first ER visit as a mother!!

I’m not sure how I avoided it with Reagan but somehow I managed to stir clear of the ER for the last 2 1/2 year that I’ve been a mother.
Granted, that really isn’t that long of a time but if you knew little miss Reagan you would soon realize I should have received a medal for that accomplishment! 
We have had our little community care coughs and ear aches here and there but overall we have been very blessed in our family with great health!
BUT a rainy day in April would change the Sabin Family Health Statistics for FOREVER!
 I’m getting ahead of myself!
Let’s start at the very beginning, when this mom just HAD to go pee while she was cleaning the kitchen and didn’t think twice about leaving the multipurpose cleaner out on the edge of the counter while she literally ran to the bathroom and back again. 
{You fellow moms know that if you spend longer than .9 seconds in the bathroom your children rise against you forming an army of little midgets who destroy whatever is in their path!}
Well, I had probably been gone from the kitchen for maybe 30 seconds when I started hearing the kids laughing loudly. 
I knew something was up but didn’t think anything too severe was happening, I mean how could it be that bad if the kids were laughing.
 I walked into the kitchen to see Reagan under the dining room table with the spray bottle harnessed between her legs and her chubby little hands on the trigger.
Not 4 feet in front of her, her little brother Baylor was crawling towards her with his face soaked with cleaning solution.
That’s when the mother panic mode kicked in.
Honestly I wasn’t too worried due to the fact that I use all natural cleaning materials but I knew it was still going to be tender to his eyes. 
I promptly took him to the bathroom and rinsed out his eyes.
I then put him down for a nap a couple hours later and he never particularly acted like he was being bothered by his eyes.
Jeff came home from work before Baylor woke up from his nap and got him out of his crib, that is when it really started to get scary.
I was suppose to go to work but Baylor wouldn’t open his eyes or stop crying.
After calling poison control we decided to take him into the ER.
We dropped Reagan off at a friends and headed in.
The ER visit was horrible.
I had to help hold him down while they focused his eyes open for 30 minutes straight and flushed them with sterile water.
It was the longest 30 minutes of my life and he screamed loud enough for the whole hospital to hear the whole time.
Pretty much the only thing that got me through it was realizing that it could be much worse, he could have had to get an IV or spinal tap. 
To keep myself from completemothermeltdown, I kept that in the back of my mind.
When the flush was done he finally opened his eyes for us!
  He only kept them open for 2 minutes or less but at least we could tell he could still see our faces!
The doctor sent us home with some saline flushes, antibiotic ointment and numbing solution for his eyes.
He also mentioned that if I had been using a bleach based solution there is a good chance little B would be blind because of it eating away his eyes. 
It was the surfactant in our natural solution that bothered his eyes therefore causing him to rub them and give him a rip in his cornea.
 We had to flush his eyes a couple more times during the night but he slept great otherwise.
When he woke up the next day he wouldn’t open his eyes all day.
It was literally as if I had a blind child.
He wouldn’t let me put him down and he wouldn’t take his head off my shoulder for anything.
It broke my heart every 4 hours giving him antibiotics and flushing his eyes.
I didn’t realize how swollen his eyes were until I had to force them open and see all the tissue blocking his eye.
 He would sit on my lap and just play with his toys without opening his eyes.
 For 2 days all I could do is cuddle him and give him loves. 
 How he took his naps!
He literally wouldn’t let me put his down for anything!
At night when Jeff would get home he would open his eyes for only a minute to see him because he recognized his voice!
This was him finally eating some food after not eating anything but milk for 2 days.
 After almost 2 full days of keeping his eyes closed he finally started being his happy, active self again!

 Finally 5 days later he was good as new!
We finally got our Baylor back!
I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood and my husband who was able to give my little B blessings of health throughout these scary days.
Thank goodness there was no permanent side effects!
I now put all my cleaning supplies away before leaving the room even if it’s just for a second!
The ER and I are not friends and I don’t ever want to go back there with one of my children!
{as I am writing this Reagan is jumping off the table onto the couches} 
Thank goodness for all those angels that watch over our children and keep them alive!
I wish I could make them cookies!
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