DIY CROSSFIT GARAGE GYM part 2 – fitness

I’m back with another update!
We are getting closer and closer to completing our Crossfit garage gym.
This week it’s all about my comesupwiththebestideasandisreallysuperhandy HUSBAND!
I don’t know how he does it, but Jeff will find yet another piece of equipment that he can make out of wood!
He doesn’t use plans or get some idea off the Internet…
Instead he ‘makes it as he goes!’
I am often inspired and amazed by his creations!
 They have saved us more money than I think we even realize.
We are living on a tight budget so it will probably take us about a year to gather everything we need, but in the meantime my husband is going to continue to come up with ingenious ideas that we want to share with ALL OF YOU!
I’m turning this blog post over to the hubs for this post…so get excited for his step by step instructions on how to construct your own SQUAT RACK and PULL-UP BAR for your home gym!
2 – 6’ 2×6 (uprights)
2 – 8’ 2×4 (base & supports)
Scrap wood (bracing against wall)
I found scrap 2×6 and 2×4 material on a project site and decided to build a squat rack with it.  
So this squat rack I built was 100% free. 
 The uprights were already cut to about 5.5′ tall but you can build yours to any height.  
 I made alternating marks every 2” (spacing for bar) and 3” (spacing for bar support).  
So mark 2” then 3” then 2” etc.  
I then drew lines at an angle to help hold the bar in the rack. 
 After getting everything marked out the way I wanted, (you can use your creativity on this) I then drilled holes for my jig saw blade so it could fit into the holes to cut the notches.  
I then cut out the 2” sections to create the cradle for the bar.  
 After sanding the uprights I then took some 2×4’s and fastened them to the bottom and connected them with a brace.  
 I spaced my uprights 46” apart to accommodate my weight bar. 
 I then built a brace into my wall that would connect with the squat rack, this brace helps hold the uprights up vertical so they don’t fall over.  
The nice this about this is you can use your creativity to make a squat rack that works best with your needs.
1- 8’ 4×4 post
2- 8’ 2×4
1- 48” 1-1/4” Steel “Black” Plumbing pipe
4- 4” long lag screws/bolts
2- 5” x 3/8” nuts and bolts w/ washers
1- HAMMERED RUST-OLEUM spray paint
In my garage I have a 12’ tall ceiling so I had to make sure my pull-up bar was low enough for my wife yet high enough for me.
I fitted mine to work for both of us, so you’ll need to take the time to adjust it to your right height.  Once I figured out the correct height I cut the posts and then fastened the 2×4’s to the post to create the “truss” structure.
Remember that you get your strength from cross bracing (triangles).
I then drilled 1-1/4” sized holes to accommodate the pipe (Your pipe needs to have an outside diameter of 1-1/4”).
 I then bolted the wood supports into my ceiling trusses with wood lag screws/bolts.
 I used two bolts for each support structure.
After getting the supports fastened I then threaded the bar through the holes and drilled smaller holes horizontally through the post and pipe.
 I then ran long bolts through both the post and pipe and tightened them down to hold the bar tight and snug.
Finally, I added a couple coats of HAMMERED spray paint to decrease rust and help with the grip on the pipe.

 We have had the pull-up bar for almost 3 months now and it has been able to handle my 225 pound husband swinging back and forth on it pretty much every night!!

These little additions have been great for our gym!

If you have any questions about crossfit, our gym, or these DIY projects, feel free to email or comment below!

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