IKEA +10 challenge: PROJECT 2!

Studio 5 was a blast!!
It was so fun to be on KSL last Monday with some of my favorite bloggers.
The IKEA +10 challenge turned out to be a perfect excuse for Jeff and I to reorganize a few places in our home!
I don’t know about you but it drives me crazy when Jeff comes home and throws his keys, wallet and pocket knife on the freshly cleaned counter.
So the idea to turn these normal IKEA boxes into CELL PHONE CADDY’S came to us almost instantly.
All it takes is some spray paint and some extra wood that you have laying around your garage!!
We just took a scrap piece of 2×4 and used a rooter tool to smooth down the front of the wood, making an indentation for the phone to sit on.
Then we took a dremel tool and some steel files to make the specific indentations for different chargers.
(You really just have to be creative with this part…since we all have different sizes of chargers)
Use a drill to make the appropriate size hole for your charger to fit through.
Once you have spray painted the extra piece of wood you are adding to the top of your box use some wood glue to secure it.
(you will have to clamp it while it dries…this can take a few hours) 
Let the spray paint and the glue dry overnight.

That’s it!!
You now have a sleek, modern cell phone charger that can even hide all that extra crap your husband comes home with!
You can even add some vinyl on the front that specifies HIM and HER. 
After you’ve threaded your charger you can start stuffing your box with everything you need handy when running out the door.
Make sure to check out the STUDIO 5 video below to check out all the other amazing projects the other bloggers came up with!

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