LISA HANSEN PHOTOGRAPHY>>capturing memory making moments like no other photographer

 We’ve all done the routine…
…call up a friend that has a nice camera to snap a few photos of the family for your annual family photos.
Or we’ve gone to a professional and been completely disappointed with the experience you’ve had.
Maybe your photography wasn’t personable, timely, professional, genuine, or worth all that money you’ve been spending…
I hear ya!!
I am what I like to call ‘A family picture hoarder’! 
I LOVE taking family pictures, especially since my family is changing and growing so quickly.
I find myself wanting updated family pictures every 6 months!
…and we all know…ain’t NOBODY got time for that…
…unless you find a photographer who somehow makes taking family photos enjoyable and absolutely worth it!!
Yeah, you heard me right!!
I have been DYING to tell you all about this phenomenal, unique photographer, Lisa!
 I have never been so impressed by a photographer in my life!
For reals!
Whether it’s with my personal family or with my extended family, I have worked with pretty much every Eastern Idaho photographer (and some Utah and out of state photographers) and I was NEVER swept off my feet until my session with Lisa!
Lisa Hansen photography is hands down the number 1, go to photographer out there.
For many reasons!!

Let me just describe to you all exactly what my memorable and personalized experience was like.
I received emails, calls and texts about preparation for the photo shoot.
She was so personable and confirmed with us, a number of times, to ensure that we were on the same page as far as style and place.
She is an on-location photographer so I was able to let my creativity run wild and choose the location that I felt fit my aesthetic the best. 
While we were setting the tone for our boutique-ess photo shoot, she mentioned to me that she wanted to capture more than just a smiling, standing, acting normal picture.
She wanted to capture photos that told a story.
Photos that I could look at and think, “Those aren’t just pictures, they are memories!”
She wanted us to take pictures of us doing something as a family…and what better thing to do then eat ice cream with our little ones!!
Instead of remember that session as ‘the time when Reagan cried and Baylor wouldn’t smile’.
It was the time that we all loved and cherished!!  

After the session she gave both my children little treat bags for doing such a great job.
I mean, seriously, who does that!?!
Don’t worry…it’s gets even better!
IN FACT…I haven’t even told you the best part yet!!!
After our session, she didn’t just shoot me an email of a few photos, or mail me a CD with each picture in color and black and white.
NOPE, she set up an appointment with us, gave us a DESSERT MENU 
(no, for reals…a decedent dessert menu with an array of choices to tickle our taste buds)
 and told us to pick our favorite dessert to enjoy during our SESSION PREMIERE!
I was a bit skeptical at first…a SESSION PREMIERE??…I had no idea what that would entail!
I mean, I don’t know about you, but I sure haven’t EVER had a photographer step foot into my OWN home and sacrifice their own time and gas JUST to show me MY photos!!

When the night arrived, I placed my kids in bed and welcomed Lisa into our home.
I didn’t have to get ready and pile my kids in the car and try to look at some little screen to pick my photos.
It was the exact opposite!
It was enjoyable and so relaxing.
I mean, here I am in my sweats and no makeup and in walks in Lisa with an arm full of cheesecake and bags upon bags wrapped around her arms and shoulders!!
 She even brought along a projector and large screen for the complete movie experience!
A SESSION PREMIERE for our custom movie!
Oh…did you catch that last sentence?…
…she put together a CUSTOM MOVIE of the whole photo session for us to watch with our amazing dessert!
I don’t know if I mentioned it before…but she brings along an assistant that videos the whole photo session.
If you aren’t blown away yet…you will be!!
This custom movie displays our portrait art while infusing live images of the photo session!
Check out the video NOW
Once I stopped crying like a baby…we got down to business and chose the photos we wanted to display in our home!
She had samples of sizes for us to visually see, as to better understand what we were purchasing.
After we orders our photos, she surprised us once more by offering 3 of our friends $100 dollars off a photo session just for referring them!
I mean, honestly, this girl is BEYOND!
Before I knew it,
I got a phone call from Lisa telling me my prints were ready!
She delivered them in a beautiful, custom made bag, complete with a perfectly tied burlap bow.
I mean, the bag even spoke to me!
(normal delivery time is 2 weeks, especially for canvas or specialty items)
I opened the bag and yes…
…starting crying again!
The pictures were printed on the most beautiful paper and she even included a SURPRISE 4×6.
Let’s not even talk about the chocolates…
…they were gone before she pulled out of the driveway!
They are the PERFECT addition to my home!

When Lisa drove off after our session premier, Jeff got off the couch, came over to me, gave me a hug and said,
“You are right, I did love her, I don’t want to do photos with anyone else ever again.”
…that is a HUGE DEAL!!
I mean, you already can tell that I am OBSESSED with her…but my husband too?
We were both blown away by her professionalism, personality, warmth, kindness and just straight up goodness.

Thank you Lisa for making memories with us and capturing them too!

If you want to book a session with her for this summer you have to jump on it FAST!
She only has 3 more available spots open!!!

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