We’ve all seen them…
…the tassel banners that have been filling up your Pinterest feed!
Don’t get me wrong, I love me so fringed out tissue paper.
But what if you could recreate the tassel banner with something OTHER THAN tissue paper?
Something lllliiiiiiiike………………CORN!!
 Well, I’ve done JUST THAT!!
 Now you can be trendy AND festive all at the same time!
OH, and PS…it cost me NOTHING.
For reals yo!
I mean take away the cost of the corn (which you don’t count because you bought that to eat, so naturally that cost goes into your food budget) and the twine you used has been laying around in your craft room for like FOREVER…so…NOTHING…you pay nothing!
{you can thank me later}
 Now, let me break it down for ya!!
What you’ll need
14 pieces of corn with LONG stems
Twine {whatever kind your little heart desires}
NOT ONLY am I going to show you how I made this sweet banner, BUT I am also going to teach you a way to ‘cook’ corn that will change your life forEVERRRRRRRR!
1. Take your corn and simply peel off the outer husk layers…don’t take too much off…around 4 or 5 pieces total.
Then place it in the MICROWAVE and cook for 2-2:20 minutes!
{Make sure to only microwave one at a time}
Then wait for it to cool!
 The next step of instructions is pictured below!
Once your corn is cooled, start peeling back each husk one by one.
{make sure to do this slow and gently, or they will break off}
 Once you’re done, you should see a beautifully COOKED cob of corn!
Take the bundle of husks {close to the root} in one hand and the cob of corn in the other, and firmly break the two pieces apart.
Set aside the corn for dinner!
Next, take the ‘stem’ of the corn and slowly move the husks back down {one by one again, like you did before}
TIP: sometimes the husks were a bit thick so I simply peeled them into 2 pieces. This gave the ‘tassel’ aka husk a bit of a ‘thicker’ look.
 Now that the hard part is over, all that’s left is tying the stem of the corn onto the twine.
{make sure you don’t have more than an inch of space between the corn}
{oh, and tie it with a TIGHT double knot}
 Once you are finished, you can display your corn tassel banner anywhere in your home!
 I decided to dress mine up for Halloween, but I can’t wait to transition it through to Thanksgiving!
{don’t look at the decor too closely, I’m still working on it}
 YAY for my first Halloween tutorial of the season!

Stay tuned for a more tutorials for HALLOWEEN {and everything else} coming soon.

Hope you all are enjoying this fall weather as much as I am!!
…I need a diet coke
…and a cupcake
…and a three hour nap
…and a trip to Hawaii
…and a housekeeper

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