Are you ready for the MOTHER of all Halloween posts!!?!
You better be, because this only took me like 2 full flippin’ days to write, FOR THE LOVE!
As bitter as I sound, I really am excited to share all the little details of the display with you all!
Most of this display you can do on your own and for much cheaper than you would expect…so let’s just jump into it!
check out this sweet tutorial I did last week for this CORN TASSEL BANNER!
let’s talk about these fun cut out letters!
I purchased the letters from Porters, they were on sale for around three dollars each.
start carving around the outside of the letter.
You are going to do this all the way around your letter and the front piece will come right off.
You might need to sand a few of the edges if they are jagged.
Grab a heap load of Mod Podge and, with a foam brush, cover all the inside surface of your letter.
Then take a 5 gallon bucket and sprinkle your glitter onto the wet Mod Podge. 
Shake the glitter around a tad to make sure you’ve cover the inside of the letter.
Pour the leftover glitter from the bottom of the bucket back into a bowl so you can reuse it!
You might not be able to tell from the pictures but I then distressed the outside of the letters using the method I talk about below!
{the same way I painted the frames}
Place some sticky tack on the back and hang where ever your heart desires!
Those little bats hanging right there were cheap and easy to do as well!
If you go into Joann’s during any holiday, you will see that they have an isle completely dedicated to Martha Stewart!
She gets me every time!
She has some amazing die cut bats already ready for you to place on your wall but they are pretty pricey.
So I improvised and bought a pack of 24 vinyl bats and, instead of sticking them to the wall, I stuck them to paper so I could reuse them year after year.
{I also wanted the 3D effect, so I just folded them down the middle before I stuck them on the wall}
Use a tiny bit of sticky putty and you are set.
{I found the vinyl bat set at Joann’s}

the frame!
These little suckers are the last thing to be highlighted in this DIY Halloween blog post.
If you look closely at the picture below, you can see the original frame and how it looked.
{I didn’t get a good before picture…typical}
My sister gave these to me what seems like YEARS ago!
I got some black tea from Big Lots a while back for crafting and I just mixed that with a touch of black paint!
Then you use a foam brush and sweep it across your frame.
Do it randomly to make it look more distressed and ‘haunted’…uhhh…yeah…that word works!
A simple way to make your frames perfect for Halloween!
I also got an amazing piece of scrapbook paper from Porters cut it into sections and placed them in the frames.
I made them ‘pop out’ because they didn’t fit quite right…
…you just roll with it, right!?!
I LOVE how it turned out!!
As far as the rest of the decor goes…
{fabric threaded lights, Happy Halloween sign and skull: Tai Pan Trading}
{broom and golden pumpkin: Target}
{spiders web table cloth: Dollar Store}
{ribbon: Joann’s}
There you have it!
An affordable way to decor like the big wigs!
Who needs Martha Stewart anyway!?!
{JK…I love her, like a lot!} 
Have a fabulous fall day!

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