I post about my meals, snacks, treats and even what I feed my kids on my Instagram all the time.
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Many of my lovely followers have been asking me for ideas on everything from healthy snacks for their toddlers to dinners for their whole family.
 If you’ve read any of my previous meal posts, you’ll know I am a HUGE advocate of healthy eating.
{if you’re a new blog follower, see one of my previous posts about healthy eating choices below}
Working out and eating right go hand in hand if you want to lose weight and continue to live a healthy lifestyle!
That’s why these pinable pictures are so great!

You can look back on them whenever your having a hard time deciding what to buy for your little ones for healthy snack choices and all your meals.

I have to admit something first…
I obviously have my days when I give my kids chicken nuggets {shudder in horror} or let them have a courtesy cone from Dairy Queen…sometimes, it just happens.
I mean life is worth living and I have ALWAYS been a huge advocate of the saying…
I use that phrase WAY more for myself then my kids!

Because, let’s be real…when the little pumpkins go to bed…this girl is diggin’ into something sweet!!

Just a bit though…and only after my Crossfit workout in our garage!
Alas, I hope you enjoy the lists of food items that my family enjoys!

Keep these in your Pinterest boards so you can have them when you are headed to the store next!!
Remember, healthy doesn’t have to be complicated!

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