It only took me a month, but I finally have another step by step tutorial for an adorable toddler hairstyle that you must try on your little one!
If you haven’t checked out my previous hairstyles yet, check them out below!
Now let’s talk about this fun hairstyle that can be twisted and changed so many ways!
(REMEMBER: you always want to start with wet hair and only use hairspray while styling, not after! This will prevent the hair from looking matted and messy)
1. Part the hair down the middle and clip off one side.
2. Part the hair at about the middle of the ear and gather the rest of the hair above it and clip it out of the way.
3. Next take a small elastic and LOOSELY tie the parted off piece.
4. You will now want to take the hair behind the elastic and GENTLY separate it evenly with your hands.  
(they have sweet little devices for this but I actually prefer to use my hands)
5. Next, while your pointer fingers are keeping the hair separated, use your thumbs to push the tail of your tied hair through the bottom of the opening you’ve made with your fingers
(uhhhh, I hope that makes sense)
6. Pull the entire tail completely through until it makes the elastic do a slight twist.
7. Now you can tighten the elastic until it reaches the scalp.
8. Next, gather another parted off section of hair from above your previous place and do steps 3-7 again!
(the only difference is to make sure you add the tail of your last tied piece into the next section and so on and so forth)

Once you are done with that section, continue with the next until you have done 3 rows!
There should be extra hair on the top that isn’t in a hair tie yet.
Gather that hair (that is left at the top of the head), along with the tail of the hair tied behind it and tie it in a messy bun or a simple pigtail!! 
It looks WAY more complex than it really is and it takes HALF the time as a braid but looks just as awesome!!
Now go try it on your little girls!
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