A Christmas day outfit and the true meaning of the day!

PHOTO CREDIT: trueatelier.com follow them on instagram @trueatelier @chantrikeele @nicolerklingler 
If you haven’t heard about it yet, I have no computer…yes I am crying as I write this.
(or I am typing on my husbands computer and I am being dramatic)
Since I don’t technically have a computer, my blogging has been a tad bit lame BUT good thing I have AMAZING pictures from @trueatelier (trueatelier.com)
I mean could you die over these photos!!?!!
I truly felt like I stepped into a GAP AD when I saw these pictures!
It’s like my dream come true!
This is really the perfect comfy outfit for Christmas that has a little kick to it!
Thanks to this fun, adorable, and comfortable scarf from apaintednest.com 
I could say so many things about Christmas and what it truly means to me, but this video so beautifully explains my emotions!
I hope you enjoy and remember what Christmas is all about!
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