PLAYROOM REVEAL {post #3}: the accent painting {Tutorials}

Now that I’ve talked all about how we put the room together…which was totally the most boring part.
Step aside drywall and trim!!
I am so excited to talk all about my favorite part of the playroom…THE ACCENT PAINTING!
When I design this playroom, I didn’t have much of a theme or even color scheme, I just knew I wanted it clean, modern and one of a kind!!!
Chalkboard paint is very trendy right now, and why shouldn’t it be!?!
It’s functional ART!
I was a bit afraid of painting an entire wall BLACK,
I didn’t want it to ‘close off’ the room.
 But, in true Sadie Jane fashion, I threw my fears to the side and decided to do it anyway!
If I’ve learned one thing while designing this playroom, it’s simply the fact that you can let your imagination soar as high as you want when you design for children!
The funkier it is…the more they will love it.
Decorating large walls on a budget can become difficult!
After I posted about my chalkboard wall, a good friend of mine emailed me and told me she would LOVE to paint a mural on the wall of my playroom.
What a perfect way to bring something unique and affordable to your playroom.
I knew I wanted to integrate some kind of fun Dr. Seuss quote into my decor and this would be the perfect way to do it!
Because I was curious, I priced out a few different vinyl shops to see how much it would have been to get this huge mural in vinyl…let’s just say…it wasn’t worth it.
 I sent pictures to Brianna of what I was wanting and we brainstormed back and forth on placement, size, colors and design.
While my family and I were out of town, Brianna broke into my home and transformed this wall into a magical mural!
With help from her cousin, they free-handed this gorgeous map complete with the perfect saying and adorable air balloon.
 Holy ridiculously-flippin’-talented-hot-tamale batman!!
She can do anything from writing or quotes (with any kind of font), cartoon, realistic, plasterwork and much more. Pretty much anything you want…she can paint!
Check out these gorgeous trees she painted in her daughters room.
 When I came home I was BLOWN AWAY!
My playroom wouldn’t be complete without this beautiful yet fun mural.
If you live in Idaho or Utah, you need to hire this girl!
Send her an email to make your painting dreams come true.
 The mural with the polka dot ceiling is absolute perfection!
 Check out my HOW-TO post, with Cutting Edge Stencils, to learn how we were able to paint our ceiling in ONE DAY!
 My husband still hasn’t forgiven me for this project…but I will FOREVER thank him for helping me!
I did the first 3 or 4 rows by myself and soon found myself grovelling at the feet of my husband, promising him anything from foot massages to new dirt bike gear if ONLY he would help me finish!
He is too good to me people.
 …let’s revisit this chalkboard wall of mine.
 I’ve received many emails from readers asking me if my ‘WELCOME TO WONDERLAND’ was paint or marker or vinyl…pretty much anything but chalk!
Don’t worry…it’s just chalk.
I got the inspiration from an amazing playroom I pinned a while ago and I knew I wanted to recreate it in mine.
 After you’ve written your letters onto the chalkboard wall, you just have to fill them in and press firmly over your chalk a few times to make it thicker.
I just said a prayer and free-handed this…it’s a miracle it turned out!
I used a slightly damp wash cloth to wipe off all the chalk dust around the letters…doing that made the letters pop even more!
 From the chalkboard wall, to the polka dot ceiling, and the Dr. Seuss mural, it’s amazing what painting can do to a room!!
It’s an eye-catching, show-stopping design that can easily be painted over if you want to redesign the room!
It’s clear that paint and I have a very close relationship!
…I don’t see that changing any time soon!
Check out post 1 and post 2 from my PLAYROOM REVEAL SERIES!!
AND…check it out…
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