i’ve never been a huge fan of st. particks day. i mean i love the rainbows but who really wants to drink green milk any way. maybe, when my kids are old enough, i will paint green foot prints on my tile and scatter lucky charms all over my couches. until then, i will enjoy my obligatory green sprinkled donut while i stay inside and avoid all the drunk crazies driving on the streets. if i was going out tonight…i would wear this little ditty! besides the fact that it’s ridiculously perfect for spring with the touch of floral, but the stripes give it the perfect edge. pair it with some perfect mint colored jeans and neon green blouse and all the sudden you’ve got yourself a very classy, tasteful st. patty’s day outfit. wait. no ‘kiss me, i’m irish’ shirts? no. please please please no. if you don’t want to get pinched today. just wear this. and then this weekend you can wear it again and again the next week. this is bound to be my go to spring jacket. it should be yours too.


IMG_5553 IMG_5547 IMG_5545 IMG_5534 IMG_5575

jacket | RECYCLED CONSIGN AND DESIGN | neon button down: TARGET | loose tee: NORDSTROM | pants: LULU BELLA BOUTIQUE | shoes: dani’s shop my closet on instagram but you can also find knock off valentino heels on ebay (uhhhh yep, i just admitted to the fact that they are definitely not real, but they are still cute so who cares)

happy st. patrick’s day

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