It’s been about a week since we finished tiling our dining room, kitchen, and mudroom and I’m finally getting these pictures all together in one post!!! We filmed some of the journey and even talked about our tips, tricks, and suggestions that we learned throughout the process! Check out that video here!! I’ve been posting pictures throughout this process on my INSTAGRAM account but wanted to wait to post all the pictures from start to finish together…call me crazy…but since I gave the info in the video, I figured having all these pictures together would just be fun to see the project from start to finish all in one post! BEFORE we get to the pictures, I first wanted to talk a bit about this tiling journey. When I was first introduced to the faux wood tile by The Tile Shop, I was immediately sold! I was blown away by how beautiful it was and how similar it was to real wood floors. The choice of tile color was easy for us! We decided to go with the Macao Marron 6 x 18 in. Tile. It literally matched our cabinets perfectly! When we bought the house, one of the things I loved about it was the two toned Alder cabinets. It’s unique and has a very warm, inviting feel to it. Now that I’ve said that, I will say this…my style has changed so much over the years and as much as I would LOVE to replace my cabinets with some beautiful white glazed goodness…it’s just not in the budget right now. So, instead of only ‘kinda’ loving my kitchen, I figured I would remodel the kitchen with other things that could definitely use the remodeling! One thing, I’ve been wanting to change since we moved into this house, was the tile!! First, it was cracked in a few places and second, it had been taken care of very very poorly by the previous home owners…and…it was straight up ugly!!! I had no idea what tile I wanted to replace it…until we got the samples of different faux wood tiles! We knew exactly which one we wanted!! The Macao Marron Tile we chose actually has a glossy finish of light browns of distress in it’s salvaged wood looking porcelain tile. Overall it was the perfect tile for our kitchen! We knew we needed something that matched our cabinets almost perfectly because of how much of a statement our cabinets make on their own. We felt it was better to compliment them with something similar rather than risking the chance of clashing with something totally different.

When asked what color of grout to use with our tile, we honestly had NO IDEA what to do. I decided to go with the recommended grout color on the website (Kahlua Cream) and to be honest with you, we don’t love the grout color we picked out. It is my fault. I rushed through a decision that really should have been just as big as the tile choice. I wish we would have picked a darker grout to complete the faux wood tile. I think it would have made the tile look a bit more ‘wood’ looking BUT I am looking on the bright side and I love how it brings the warmth of my kitchen and the white of my walls together!! Moral of the story…take your time when thinking about grout color because it is JUST as important as the tile choice! After making the big decisions on which tile and grout to choose, we had ONE MORE HUGE decision to make…WHETHER OR NOT to tear out the existing tile.

After much discussion back and forth between me, The Tile Shop, and my husband, we did decide to tile OVER the existing tile. One of the BIGGEST reasons for that was the cabinets were actually placed ON TOP of the tile when they first tiled the house. That was a huge plus for two reasons. 1. It left more room at the bottom to tile UP TO the cabinets and 2. It left more room ABOVE for the fridge and stove to fit in their places after tiling over the existing tile. Our trim had a huge roll to play in our decision as well. Since our home is on the newer side (built in 2009) it was built with great tall trim (or thick, however you want to look at it)! If you look closely at the pictures, you literally cannot tell that we tiled up to the trim! We just had to be sure to clean the mortar and grout off the trim really well while we were working! Our last concern we had was how the transition would be from the tile to the carpet. Would it be too much of an abrupt change in height between the two? We knew we would need a threshold to help the transition from the tile to the carpet but had NO IDEA which one would look the best. The Tile Shop paired our carpet and tile perfectly with the most BEAUTIFUL Bucak Dark Walnut Hon Threshold. As you scroll through the pictures you will see that we simply ripped a piece of our carpet out to make a place for the threshold, placed a thick layer of mortar down, and then placed the threshold on top of that. We grouted the threshold and the whole dining room once that was in place! And as for the height difference…we cannot tell in the slightest!! We really wanted to lay some electric floor heating in our kitchen and mudroom but decided we couldn’t risk the extra height. I am happy that we decided against it (due to our circumstances) but you better BELIEVE I am putting in some heated flooring in the basement bathroom (project coming in the near future)! The level difference from the carpet to the tile is literally a matter of maybe a centimeter (see pictures below) and really it is not noticeable with the curved edge of the threshold! I could not have asked for a better tiling experience! We tiled a total of 420 square feet and it took us a little over a week from start to finish! The Tile Shop had everything we needed from tile cleaners to spacers!! REMEMBER: you can learn all about that stuff in our video! Make sure to check it out! Also to check out more BEFORE pictures of our kitchen CLICK HERE and to get all the details about our sweet chrome subway tile backsplash CLICK HERE!


the dining room was the first place we started tiling (mainly because my husband did research and found out you want to start your tile in the middle of the room to ensure that your tiling is even on both sides of the room) makes sense to me, but that is beside the point. What I am trying to get at is this…the first handful of pictures were taken when we first started tiling…and CLEARLY you can tell it was our FIRST TIME TILING!! They have mortar all over them and although they are straight and laid perfectly…Jeff and I had to learn the hard way how to tiling without getting mortar ALL OVER THE PLACE!! (Jeff discusses that in the video but just in case you don’t watch it before you look at the pictures, I figured I better give you a warning!) ALSO, most of these pictures were taken at night due to the simple fact that we have an 18 month old and 3 year old running wild in our house during the day so we would start tiling THE SECOND we put them to bed SO the photo quality isn’t the best (no natural lighting) but we worked with what we had…OK…disclaimer over…


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