OUR TILING VIDEO!!! {Tutorials/Video of the Week}

The wait is over!!!

THANK YOU IMOVIE for coming out with a totally different program so it took me 3 times the amount of time to edit this video! For the love!! We tried to get a lot of footage during the tiling process to show you all the ins and outs of how we tiled over our existing tile!! We got some great shots of Jeff and I laying the mortar and the tile. This video is also filled with some great TIPS, TRICKS and suggestions for all you DIY junkies! Oh…and some killer tunes! Don’t mind my attire or lack of makeup! I apparently like to get all ‘Duck Dynasty’ when I do projects! Who knew!?! I think I should do a fashion post about that camo shirt! HA! I’m just glad the sound is muted so you can’t hear Jeff and I having loving conversation (insert snicker here) more like heated discussions. I was actually surprised how smooth and simple this project was! It was hard work for sure, but tiling’s not rocket science people! Just watch our video and you will see! I mention The Tile Shop a few times in the video but I have to give them another shout out here! They really have been so awesome to work with and they made our tiling experience run very smoothly! Oh, and their products…EXCEPTIONAL! Even down to the spacers they sent us. I could not have asked for a better product to tile with! Thank you Tile Shop!


I will be posting all the behind the scenes photos and more before and afters in a few days!!


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