Our weekend in pictures and thoughts! {Family}

 Now that it’s Spring time and we are able to go out and do more as a family, I thought I would try and document little snippets of my weekend for you all!
I also miss my family posts and need to incorporate them more into my fitness, fashion, and DIY posts because really…I think they are just as important!
This weekend was my dad’s annual bull sale out at our ranch! My kids are born country kids and there is no hiding it. The second we got out of the car both my kids raced to the arena and couldn’t wait to get another glimpse of the horses! They have no fear…which secretly makes me so proud!! It will be fun to raise them around my rootin’ tootin’ country raised roots!!

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REAGAN: shirt c/o(the BEST undershirt out there! I PROMISE YOU!!) JANE.COM | vest: GAP | pants: DKNY | shoes: European thrifted beauties SADIE: chiffon western shirt: c/o JANE.COM | belt, purse and shoes: TARGET | pants: LEVI’S
BAYLOR: shirt and pants: TARGET | shoes: OSHKOSH

After the busy day Saturday, Jeff and I spent the evening in, just because! We actually had plans to go out with some of his work friends but I had a strong desire to stay home for no particular reason. Jeff didn’t argue and we quietly enjoyed sitting side by side on the couch doing nothing worth blogging about. It was about 8:30 when Jeff got a phone call from our dear friends, who really are more like family, explaining to Jeff that they had just gotten into an accident and needed Jeff’s help. Thank goodness they are all okay and thank goodness I listened to that little promoting to stay home!

When Jeff got home at about 12:30 we embraced each other and stayed up talking in bed till 2 AM about blessings, trials, life, and family.

We had a new sense of refreshing gratitude heading into church that next day…I don’t think I really need to tell you how that went…that being church and how it went being how my kids littered the back half of the chapel with colored pencils, half eaten almonds and fruit snacks. This Sunday especially was longer than most probably because I knew I was headed to Jackson Hole later that day! AND let’s not forget the terrorizing kids part. I am telling you, if I know a million other couples that have survived through Sacrament meeting with their children, than I can too!! Right!?! Jeff and I always breathe a sigh of relief when the hour is over. That sounds awful but it’s so true! I won’t say that I get nothing out of the meetings but I get very little. After church Jeff and I had another one of those ‘lay in bed and discuss life’ talks while the kids were napping. I got emotional telling him how badly I despised going to Sacrament meeting these days. I hate that we can’t calm our rambunctious 18 month old and I hate that we draw attention to ourselves when Reagan is flippin’ out because she wants to sit on my lap instead of letting Baylor. I just hate it. Jeff and I both are sweating by the end and usually end up laughing because we feel so ridiculous. Jeff told me after my little rant that it made him sad that I ‘hate’ sacrament meeting these days. I reassured him that I was being dramatic and in all honesty, I only hate it because it’s hard and uncomfortable for me to try and quietly disciple my child in front on the whole congregation! This too shall pass. The kids are learning the routine of going to church every Sunday to worship our Savior and if that means I have to lose a bit of my dignity to a couple of slaps in the face from my naughty toddler than so be it! Who said raising kids is easy anyway?

weekend2I definitely didn’t. Because it’s not. It’s the best thing in the world entire world but it also really sucks sometimes! Let’s take the picture above for example. I had gotten Baylor out of the car and was working on Reagan when the next thing I know he’s half way to the neighbors! Jeff snapped pics while I managed to run down Baylor in my heels! Thanks Jeff. week

…all is well in Sabinland! I will take the crazy sacrament meetings any day just to hear Reagan belting out jibberish to all the songs, or Baylor yell ‘amen’. It’s always worth it!


REAGAN: shirt: H&M | cardigan, skirt and tights: TARGET | shoes: thrifted pieces of goodness
BAYLOR: His outfit is all from TARGET too! shoes: OSHKOSH
SADIE: chiffon top: c/o JANE.COM | skirt: H&M | shoes: NORDSTROMS | jewelry: c/o APPLE OF MY EYE JEWELRY

After I had the time of my life at church, I left the kids with the husband for the rest of the day and took a jaunt up to Jackson with my mom and sister! My brother owns a hair salon in Jackson Hole, WY that not only has the best aesthetic and decor in town but also the BEST TALENT!
Check out more about his salon HERE

weekend7 weekend8 weekend9  weekend90weekend11vest and jacket: c/o ARO AND COMPANY | high low shirt: c/o JANE.COM | leggings: TARGET | shoes: STEVE MADDEN | purse: TARGET

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