simply serve MARCH: serve your NEIGHBOR!! {Family}

This month’s service theme was especially significant to my family and I!!! We have a little family that lives in our neighborhood that has been close to our hearts for years now!!! I first become close to them when I was primary president and ever since then, they have continued to teach me so many lessons! I really feel like this family was special from the moment I met them! There is no doubt in my mind that they were placed in my life to teach and humble me! See, this little family is different! They are unlike any other family I know! This little family has 3 little boys and all 3 boys have a very very rare genetic disorder that causes them to have very low immune systems, seizures, and many other medical problems! They can suffer up to 100’s of seizures a day and require home schooling and virtually all home cares! About a month and a half ago the oldest son got very sick with pneumonia and was sent to the hospital where his condition worsened and worsened. With every update and every hour his chances of living seemed to grow very slim. He was transported to Primary Children’s Hospital where they gave him an alternative airway (trach and vent) and a gtube for his feedings. Over the course of many treatments, tests, prayers, pleadings, and yes…miracles…they were able to stabilize him enough to give them hope that they would be able to go home within the few weeks following!


I feel like many people don’t believe miracles happen in this day and age but I am here to tell you that they do happen! And watching this little boy fight and survive was one of those miracles that I will never forget! I was apart of a little army of faith driven people here, back in Idaho! Together we all banned together to fast and pray for this little boy! My little neighborhood that I live in is one of the most caring and supportive neighborhoods around! It’s the kind that unites together when a family is struggling and one that comes together to serve with meals, babysitting, open hearts, and willing hands, when one is struggling.


We all saw a miracle unfold before our eyes when we watched this precious boy come home! This family is our family and we had to be there for him! Even though none of us could talk to him or really see him (due to the precautions taken for his health), we all came out to the streets with balloons and signs and cheered him on while he drove down the street into his driveway with his mother and father. He was not only welcomed home by his two eager younger brothers, but he was welcomed home by his family…his neighborhood/ward family! It was moving to see so many people sacrifice time out of their day to come and cheer this family on.


I am surrounded by humble, selfless people who would literally give the clothes off their backs for the ones they love. Spiritual giants, I like to call them. Although I wanted to serve each and every one of them this month, instead we were able to serve together. We were all a little different and a little more inspired that day. That boy has touched more lives than he will ever imagine! I’m humbly blessed to call him my neighbor!


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