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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.


  The best parts of our lives are those everyday moments – true, spontaneous and imperfect. Unfortunately some of these moments are downright icky, but Clorox is here to help you laugh through the mess. I have been wanting to write about this particularly ridiculous day that I had about a month ago BUT I didn’t really have a reason to write about it…until NOW!!!! Clorox is hosting a big event on Twitter on Wednesday, April 9th from 6-10 pm (ET) and it’s ALL about sharing those ICKY moments us parents have experienced!! You can submit your own icky moments that you’ve had as a parent by following @Clorox on Twitter and share your “icky moment” using the hashtag #ickies to be entered to win $25,000 in prizes! Clorox is teaming up with famed Chicago improv troupe The Second City Communications for the Clorox Ick Awards! The #ickies promise to be the messiest virtual awards show ever, featuring real-time comedy inspired by your real-life moments. The Second City Communications will be turning tweets into #ickies video skits throughout the awards show. You can help pick the winners by voting for your favorites and (I have to say it twice because it’s sooo awesome) win big as they give out $2,500 in prizes!


Okay, back to my icky moment!! OH this moment (which really wasn’t just a moment…MORE LIKE a DAY) will FOREVER stay in my brain!! The kids were playing downstairs in the playroom while I was answering some emails and to my surprise my precious little 18 month old came up to me with his diaper half off of him saying, “ewwwwww….ewwwwww…ewwwww!” Over and over again! I was sooo confused. Mainly because he did smell like he may need a diaper change BUT…when I went to go change the diaper…there was nothing there!!!…I proceeded to change his diaper anyway and went to take him back downstairs to play when to my surprise he had left a HUGE gift for me.

All over the floor.

OH, and Reagan (my little 3 year old) had tried to clean it up for me!!!

IMG_3318I DIED!!!

After Running Baylor back upstairs and telling Reagan NOT to move, I went back downstairs to try and clean up the MESS!!! I was ALMOST done cleaning up when I remembered I hadn’t closed my bedroom door before leaving my bedroom when the madness began!! OH NO, I thought immediately! I left the mess downstairs and ran upstairs so fast! I was hoping to find Baylor sitting in Reagan’s room reading books!! YEAH RIGHT!!! He had PULLED OFF HIS NEW DIAPER and was standing naked on the chair drinking my water directly ABOVE my laptop! OH…and he had peed! ALL over my chair and floor!! Let’s just say I was SO glad to have Clorox in my house that day!!!

Kids are HARD sometimes and test ALL my OCD cleanliness nerves but MAN they are so worth it!!

GOOD thing they are cute!!

WHAT ABOUT YOU? I know you moms have hilarious icky moments you want to nominate in advance! Share it using #ickies and “tune in” to the first hour to see if it is featured in the opening number with a surprise celebrity guest!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Clorox.

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