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YOU GUYS!! I have finally tackled a project I have been wanting to do for FOREVER!!! I have been wanting to make a shelving unit like this for months now!! I have pretty large walls in my home and finding a way to decorate them has been tough! I LOVE the use of piping and how modern it looks mixed with the rough country look that the wood brings! I have been hesitant to make it simply because I haven’t been able to find anything that would bond the wood and the metal together! UNTIL NOW! IMG_4174

I used this amazing new product from Elmer’s Glue called ProBond Advanced and it made this project SO easy!! The piping actually turned out to be more pricey than I was expecting, but it was so worth it!! Instead of spending money on a cheap shelf and a handful of random decorations, I decided to spend my money and time to make this shelf! I simply used random decorations from around my home to place on the shelf and since the shelf itself is such a statement piece for both the modern and rustic genres…all the decorations looked perfectly placed! This is easily my favorite piece in my home! Keep reading to find out how to make it for your home!


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Before I get ahead of myself, I first want to talk about how I constructed the shelf before I bonded the wood and metal together!!

While cutting my wood for the shelf a piece broke in half.

PicMonkey Collage4

I used Elmer’s Wood Glue MAX and their sweet clamp tape to bond the piece of wood back together!! Seriously though that clamp tape is awesome!!!

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Here are the materials I used to make the metal shelve support!

PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage6

After I assembled the piping support and cut and stained the wood, then came the BEST PART!!!

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I just took some ProBond along the top of the piping and placed the piece of wood firmly on top of it! ProBond Advanced made it easy to bond mixed materials without the messy foam residue that would normally ruin my project’s quality and finished appearance. It is the only multi-surface adhesive that bonds a variety of mixed materials and gives me control of where the glue goes and where it stays when drying. It saved me time and headaches with a translucent paintable finish, 100% weatherproof and performance guarantee, all while eliminating the hassle of foam residue.

PicMonkey Collage111

Without ProBond Advanced, I wouldn’t be able to sit anything heavy on the corners of the shelving!

PicMonkey Colla8ge

ProBond Advanced combined heavy-duty strength with ease of use that let me glue, clamp and relax. It is the perfect multi-surface adhesive for bonding Mixed Materials, like wood to metal or ceramic to drywall, without any of the foam residue.


Not only does ProBond allow me to sit heavy decorations on the wood without the wood lifting but it also holds the wood firm and tight in it’s place about the piping! You won’t have to worry about the wood shifting around on the piping!! It’s awesome!! For reals though!

IMG_4175  IMG_4181


Check out this video to learn more!!

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