“what are my options mom?” {Fashion}

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I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how much pure joy having a little girl brings me. Every single day she surprises me with something magical and tender. This little girl of mine keeps me on my toes with her bright personality and witty humor. I don’t think I realized how precious she was until I had a little boy and saw how different they really are. The other night little Reagan woke up from a bad dream and told me she had little rainbow ants all over her bed. “Mom, there’s purple ants and pink ants and yellow ants!” Even her dreams are creative! It was all I could do not to laugh simply because of the way she was telling me was so precious with her little cherub face in my chest. Even on the bad days, she always tells me I am her best friend and she cuddles me at least 10 times. Her tender heart softens mine while I listen to her play in the bathtub with her toys, “OHHH POOR FELLA…” she will say to a broken toy…her little heart is full of emotion and love. Just when I think I couldn’t love her more, she kisses my eyelids or tells me I look pretty or hugs her brother. When I put this adorable dress on her she gasp as she looked in the mirror, “MOMMY, this is my princess dress, I love it so much!” Reagan is not alone, I love it too! SO well made and comfortable! Really, it’s hands down my favorite dress of hers right now! If you haven’t heard of TAYLOR JOELLE DESIGNS you must go check out the online children’s clothing site! This dress is from their SEA ME TWIRL COLLECTION that was just released TODAY! To celebrate the release they are having a sale on the entire Sea Me Twirl Collection! It will be 30% off and the sale will last for one week. AND Most of their other top selling items at taylorjoelle.com will also be on sale. The sizes in the collection run from 18 months to 10 years in the tutu dresses and 18 months to 8 years in the leggings and shorts. Oh and don’t forget about the bow! It completes the outfit don’t you think!? You can get your own at RUBY BLUE INC! She has so many different patterns and colors and they are so comfortable on Reagan’s little head, she doesn’t even try to take them off! With that being said, I will just end with this…

I completely and totally love this little girl with all my heart. Man, I am lucky to be her mom! Oh and just today she was walking down and the hall and all the sudden started singing, “I’m so fancy, you all know that I’m so fancy!” I mean I just can’t. Thank you Lord for bringing her into my life!


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